Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


So I’ve done Save Xandar 3 or 4 times now- after you collect the super jackpot I noticed I was playing with how many ever balls in play back to regular play. By “regular” play I could still collect locks for orb and groot but I couldn’t play any modes. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m assuming this is just unfinished code?

One of the times I was only on ball 2 and once I drained to ball 3 I was able to reselect a mode. I believe this was the latest code update


I’m seem to recall my Save Xandar game behaving the same.


How many Hadron Enforcer can you stack now?




Anyone know what the headphone hurry up is? Just been through the GOTG audits on my pro and it comes up as having been started a number of times but I’ve never come across it during the game AFAIK…


Three completions or one completion that give three pushes. Or how many pushes you get per completion?


Three pushes per completion. Cannot have any more than three on the button at once. Pretty sure.


Did this change. It use to be 2 pushes per completion, 3 max stored.


Possible. How long ago was that?


“- added a Hadron Enforcer Limit adjustment, default= 3. This limits the number of Hadron Enforcer ‘shots’ you can have in reserve.”

I found this in the .95 read me and I didn’t see any further changes made to Hadron on later versions.


Prior to that, I believe you could collect as many as you wanted. Start orb MB, mash button, collect all jackpots including the super. I want to say that when they limited it to three, they also disabled collecting a super jackpot (orb or Groot MB) with a smart bomb. It was a good rule change IMO.

It is getting harder to remember what all those lockbar buttons do and which awards carry over to the next ball though. 2019 should be a lockbar button-free year, dammit!


The next logical step then: bring on the foot pedals!


We got a Rolling Stones LE on location nearby when they were new. The LE has extra buttons on each side which control up posts in each outlane and a big center post between the flippers. If you hit the left extra button, the left outlane post comes up for a few seconds and vice versa for the right side. If you hit both extra buttons at the same time the center post comes up.

So should be impossible to drain, right? I tried for way, way too long to master using the buttons and posts and couldn’t do it. Got really frustrated. I finally decided to ignore them and soon ended up putting up a GC score that was 4-5X the previous GC score. I don’t do well with extra buttons (or foot pedals).


Bit of a thread necro here, but I’m curious - is this an LE feature, or did you get one with UK posts installed?


Stones LE has the side posts and a powerball as standard.


Yep, standard. RS is an underrated game IMO. For whatever reasons, the software has a couple of big exploits, which can be extremely rewarding if you can set them up. Stacking the song Happy with one of the MB’s is one. Looping the easy left ramp with multiple balls at a time with jackpot lit is both fun and worth big points. Try for four balls on the ramp at once. The Charlie shot is one of my favorite shots. Nearly impossible from the natural right flipper, easy from a backhand, which doesn’t even look possible. If you get a chance to play one, I highly recommend doing so.

I should probably add that I may be somewhat biased because I was one of the fortunate few who got to epically break a Mick-on-a-Stick before Stern realized Mick might need some back support. It was a pinball moment I’ll never forget. The top half of Mick went flying. I remember it like it was yesterday.