Greyjoy power steal from Targaryen

On GoT, I finally defeated house Targaryen with Greyjoy, but only saw Swords is Lit, no indication of what power was gained.

Anyone know?

Watch @chuckwurt 's eight hours of tutorial videos, it’s got to be in there somewhere. He is a madman! Thanks for reminding me I need to finish watching those.
Game of Thrones tutorial part 1

Hi YeOld,

Thanks for the link. If you do come across it, can you post here, please?

I’m hopeful to play with buddies who can glue their eyes to the board. But the pressure when being watched will be new.


You don’t get anything for beating Targaryen if you’re house greyjoy. Sorry to disappoint. Nice work though! And if you did it before hand of the king, it will be way more valuable as each shot gets a bump in score.

If I cover that in the videos it would’ve been part two or four

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Not in part 2. (Halfway through pt 3 now!)

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I might not even cover it. Greyjoy steals other House’s abilities. You can’t pick Targaryen as a house, hence they don’t have a power. No power to steal.

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Defeating Targaryen as Greyjoy is a superpower on its own. Especially when accomplishing it against Elwin in the papa circuit finals (and still not advancing).


Targaryen is really not that much harder with Greyjoy. Just have to hit a drop target or a lock target before you do the mode like normal.

Targaryen is just a beast period. Completing it in tournament is impressive.

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Can’t you give me anything?


Pinball related, GOT lessons. That’s about it.

A lot easier to complete on a Prem, just stay on the upper playfield. Worth great points too. I regularly score over 1 Bil from completing it alone. It’s now the 3rd house I go for when playing as Greyjoy (after Tyrell and Martell)


Good to know. Thanks! My game plan on the premium in tournaments is bad. Hopefully I can turn my pro into a premium at some point.

Thank you, everyone, for your insightful replies. I had hoped for a secret power. The disappointment is with the game, not the messenger.

For the third dragon, seems like there’s a time limit as once I beat four sets of targets and it was still going, and when I did win on a later game, it was on the end of the third set. I consider the set ending with the dragon shot that lights House Targaryen.

Speaking of which, my strategy has been to light Targaryen with the ball save on early in the ball, as those near-misses off the gold targets come screaming back down the middle. I also try to light houses by playing the ball as it does its thing, closing in on Winter Has Come which is great fun. I may be covering my inability to pick off specific Tyrell targets with this approach. I agree an early Tyrell would make a big difference in score. I tend to stack a Targaryen with Blackwater MB to ensure one beast goes down.

There is. But all it does is relight some of the shots so you can take more shots at the dragon. The final shot to defeat the dragon has to be at the dragon kickback shot.

You’ll notice on the third level of Targaryen, the dragon has a life bar that decreases with each shot made. I think if the shots time out the dragon gets a bit of life back.

Also, no matter if the dragon kickback is lit or not, you’ll knock some of his life off if you hit it.

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I noticed its life, yes, in the upper right, and a meter on the lower right that at the time was flat with 00. I’ll have a closer look next time. Good to know dragon shot always hurts. Some games I have it in the zone of competence, other games it feels like a risk.

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How do you go about lighting Tyrell? After ball in play, ends up on right flipper. Cross over on right ramp?

I can bank of Barentheon’s drop targets, but that’s only good for the top Tyrell. Also gets Lord of Light early on.

I rely on randomness during gameplay far too much for Tyrell advancement. Would like to learn a new skill.

Thank you.

I bank off drops, if the bottom 2 are up, if not post transfer.

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I like to use playfield validation shenanigans to make progress on Baratheon and Tyrell. Soft plunge, bank off Baratheon targets, drain if < 3 switches hit, repeat. It’s possible to light Baratheon and Tyrell without even validating the playfield. Depends on the game, but you can make decent progress even in the worst case.

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On the Prem, once starting a mode (or two), I make it my priority to get to the upper playfield and collect the castle*, ignoring the actual mode objective. That adds 7.5mil to the bonus BEFORE any multipliers are added, to EVERY subsequent ball. That can be a huge amount when you tot it up over the course of 3 balls.
It also means that for hitting subsequent standups, or going through the back it gives you help towards completing the mode (extra time, increased scoring or spot a shot).
That way it is possible to complete Targaryen purely from the upper PF.

*Collecting the castle requires
Hit any standup on the upper PF
Hit either outer standup
Hit centre standup
Hit loop on far left.

This is great advice. Just remember that if you try this, hitting either the inlane or outlane switches automatically validates the playfield. So watch out.

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