Greg Poverelli selling some games

I don’t think TF is a popular place for game sales. I’ve blasted some stuff on my fb take a look. I promised myself pinside wasn’t for me but momentarily I’ll try it out perhaps.

Message me for pics and further details if you don’t use Facebook where all full listings available with more coming soon and likely ongoing for awhile. All in perfect working order confirmed by me. Flippers rebuilt within last year. Rubbers new Glass and legs changed. Many with lots of parts and labor put in keeping them in gorgeous shape. All that can have LEDs.

Preferred pickup in Brooklyn Ny. If you want to ship it please arrange and pay after we agree on a day.

Pirates of the Carribean Stern $4300 OBO
Nice shape well maintained ramps are great cabinet has some minor scratches.

WhoDunnit $3000 firm
Gorgeous playfield. Great cabinet only minor scratches. 3 new reels. New driver board installed. Hard to find condition wise.

Elvira and the Party Monsters - $3500 firm
Playfield in amazing shape protected with Mylar since new. All new Ramps. Solid cabinet with a few scratches. Very rare all original working boards matching numbers on the back sticker. Not going to find this condition for sale and price often.

Sopranos HUO -$5500
Genuine HUO hasn’t been unwrapped since purchased expect low play perfection. I’m waiting for pics by Monday but will open discussions.

Taxi - as close as it gets to “CQ” $3000 firm
To me personally this is collector quality all it has is original cabinets with minor scratches. Rare Original working boards that match the sticker on the back. All else is replaced perfect mint gorgeous. New CPR Gold repro playfield Mint perfect. New topper plastics backglass. Thousands in parts and labor put in. Won’t find another like this at this price for sale often.

Marked as Sold waiting pickup and payment:
Diamond Plated Original Bride of Pinbot $3500
TMNT $2000
Both gorgeous condition going to a trusted buyer. If anything changes I’ll update thread later.

Feel free to comment but I meant this to redirect to fb, or prefer if not message me on TF.