Gottlieb Tag Team as a tournament game?

I just bought one but I’ve never played the game before.

Any thoughts in how it would play in a tournament?

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We used it at INDISC! No problems whatsoever with it, apart from a slam tilt issue developed near the end of the tournament.

Tag Team is a great tournament game IMO. The rules are wonky as a lot of Gottliebs of the era (the spinner is the only thing worth shooting when lit, and shooting it during multiball when lit for 30x is about the only thing to do) but they did get the multiball locking rules right as there is no lock stealing possible. The TEAM drops are tough but necessary to light a lock so careful and skilled shooting of that drop bank is a key to good scoring. I posted a tutorial for TT (same game Karl/Jim used at Indisc actually) on youtube ages ago… the notation stuff only works on desktop though so if you don’t see any notes about what’s going on that’s why.

Used it at Pinball at the Zoo in 2016. Was a great tournament game. Also, was well liked.

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Sweet, thanks for letting me know!

The one at PATZ had a spinner that wasn’t very dialed. It probably made the game more balanced, but I think the dialed spinner is one of the more fun aspects of the game. Having said that, I still enjoyed the game as it was.

Fun game but can be a light the spinner and rip it grind like other Gottliebs of that era. Nothing game breaking that I can recall.