Gottlieb Gladiators - Exploit Fix?

Is there any fix for the Calm Before the Storm Mode exploit? If you’re not familiar with it, PAPAtv goes over it below.

PAPAtv LIVE - Episode 13 -


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Only real way would probably be to disable the hold power on the upper left flipper. Dunno how possible that is, though.

thanks for the reply…

From reading IFPA rules it appears a Tournament Director can make machine specific changes where “The intent is to eliminate features which can be abused by skilled players, or which arbitrarily extend play time to a degree that would hinder the smooth progress of the tournament.”

What I don’t see is an option for the TD to ask players to not use an exploit so I assume that type of arrangement wouldn’t be possible?


That is one of my favorite PAPA TV episodes :smile:

I have heard that a rom exists to fix this issue, but I have never come across it.

Even if it were fixed, the game still suffers from RCT syndrome - every mode before Calm will be timed out.

I guess the rom could be updated to fix that as well (similar to Star Trek).

I will say that a TD may set the code of conduct for any tournament that he runs. As long as it is sensible and makes for fair competition.

If a machine is modified by mechanics or software it should be stated. Any deviation from factory default+no extras+t/c-mode should be stated really.

If a machine is suitable for competition when play ball.

The owner removed fuse F23 which appears to be dedicated to the top right flipper and said so far so good so that appears to be the solution we’ll use for the next tournament. thanks for the feedback and ill let you know how it goes.

I don’t think this is a reasonable request. It would need to be laid out specifically in the rules (players may not cheese the plunger during multiball, etc). Asking players not to do something is not a rule :slight_smile:

And I don’t think a rule is going to work that asks players to forgo a normal legit flipper move during normal course of play when the ball is on the playfield (not a stuck ball, or single held-too-long ball).