GoT LE stuck balls plus stand up firing

Hey everyone, so glad to have a GoT LE at my local arcade, but having a couple of issues with it. I’m checking in to see if anyone else is having them too.
Murat, fast shots up the right ramp towards the upper play field are causing air balls that are stuck between the iron throne and the right side of the right ramp lower right protector. It’s 2015, I’d rather have lesser design and fewer places for balls to get stuck.

Not a game breaker of course.

2ndly, the upper play field’s left stand up likes to register for fun, causing some hillarious 0 point black water jackpots after ball 3 is locked and before multiball start, plus pick houses for you while scrolling through them at game start.

Hoping my local operator gets the standup fixed, it’s been a lot of fun to play.

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