Gorgar - turning extras off?

Anyone know how to turn them off?

I recall it being used in PAPA Classics not too long ago – with lightning flippers. Were EB’s turned off there? @PAPA_Doug?


I think it’s adjustment 9, but there might be a small wrinkle involved in actually setting it. See pages 4, 5, and 7.

I don’t honestly recall… I’d have to check the game.

Adjustment #9 is just the audit total for extra balls earned :slight_smile:

Adjustment 33?

That’s exactly what I assumed, and set that to “03”.

Werdrick then came over and was like, “Do I play these extra balls?”

And I was like fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :slightly_smiling:

Did you confirm he got the EB via the 1-4 targets?

What’s Adjustment 27 set to?

(more likely…) What’s Adjustment 28 set to?

I didn’t confirm how he got it, but I’ll ask him about it today.

Adj 27 was set to Points
Adj 28 was set to Credits

At any time, did Werdrick have the key for the machine? :wink:

I only dove in here because I managed to adjust the replay score on my Robo War last night*, and I’m assuming figuring that out is harder than figuring out anything in Williams System ~Whatever~. :smiley:

*Set low because there’s no software free play option.

It’s interesting because other games in that era seem to have that adjustment for Extras to be “on” or “off”, where Gorgar has more of a “yeahhhhh, it’s off, but ‘other words’”

Time Warp - adj 33 set to 0 is no EB’s
Lazer Ball - adj 34 set to 0 is no EB’s
Firepower - adj 34 set to 0 is no EB’s
Blackout - adj 34 set to 0 is no EB’s

Gorgar . . .
Adj 33 is "Extra Ball and ‘1-4’ Lamps
set to 01 = "No Extra Ball, Lamps Spotted Randomly"
set to 03 = “No Extra Ball, Lamps Spotted in Sequence”

Adj 34 is “1-4” Target Special Control
we set this to “02” --> Star Lamps do not Restore, Star 1 not Lit Initially (hardest setting)

I wonder if there’s any combination of these two adjustments that will actually turn them off, because this combo does NOT.

Is it possible the ebs were awarded from score ?

No keys.:wink: I know for sure I got an extra after completing the center 3 bank drop targets at one point. Ended up getting 3 maybe 4 extra’s? Leonard, maybe it was from score. Josh, how do we take a pic of a rolled over score on Gorgar for Superleague?:innocent:

I’m gonna make you 9 it out . . . don’t go over!!! :slightly_smiling:

Jason… I would suggest to ask permission to 9 it out on the second time around in the case you accidently go over first time. :slight_smile: