Goldeneye and Monopoly - equalize random game features

Hello Folks!

Our local location where I TD has both a Goldeneye and Monopoly. I would like to setup both games so that “Mystery Features are awarded in a set order rather than random in Normal Game Play.” Both games have a “Tournament Mode” adjustment but neither mention mystery features and the thought of reseting any audits on games that aren’t mine scares me. They both also mention “League/Tournament Play” by holding in the left flipper when starting a game which will affect the mystery features that I haven’t played with/tested yet. Is there not an adjustment I’m missing to accomplish this though? Thanks

Adj. 39 Tournament Mode

Adj. 41 Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode determines the default conditions to quickly
prepare a game for tournament play. When this setting is changed all
audits will be reset and all adjustments will be initiated to the
particular style selected. The game will then return to Game Over
Attract Mode, as if a Factory Reset had been performed. NONE -
Same as a Factory Reset conditions. IFPA - Straight 50<t play, No
Replay, No Extra Ball, No High Scores, 2 Tilt Warnings and No Match.
EXPO or PAPA - Same as IFPA settings except Free Play is enabled.
HOME - Sets game for Free Play, Extra Ball Play, No Replay, 10%
Match & 30% Extra Ball.

Goldeneye & Monopoly
Starting League/Tournament Play

After credit is posted, while holding in the LEFT

League Play has now begun. The differences
between Normal Game Play and League/Tournament
Play are: There is no “auto-percentaging” (awarding
exlra balls, specials, etc. to players with very low
scores on the second or third ball) Mystery Features
are awarded in a set order rather than random in
Normal Game Play. Percentage Game Features are
not automatically advanced as they are for the Regular
Play Features.

On Monopoly turning on Tournament mode via adjustments also sets tilt warnings to 2 and the Chance scoop will always award 200k when lit.

Thanks, Ill try setting both games to IFPA for Tournament Mode and see how that goes.

After turning on tournament mode via adjustments you can always go back into adjustments and turn matches and high scores back on too if you want.