Godzilla Scoring Bug?

I know this game isn’t seen much so it may be a longshot but I think there may be a scoring bug. I was playing this evening and drained ball three somewhere in the high 800M low 900M range. Bonus was just under 50M and the final score ended up reading as 9,999,999,999. Anyone else ever seen or heard of this? Tried a google search but didn’t find squat.

Sorry, I’ve never heard of this. Anyone else?

Didn’t something weird like this happen at a tournament involving Josh Henderson at the PAPA HQ? I can’t remember which event (PAPA/Pinburgh) it was, but I remember hearing that the score displayed as 9,999,999,999 at some point during the game but went back to normal later on.

This happened in the PAPA 16 finals, but I can’t remember the round or time during the broadcast where the issue occurred.

I just watched through the instances of Godzilla from the PAPA 16 vids and didn’t see it happen or hear it mentioned in commentary on first pass through.