Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


Cool. So WRTBY has a bit more meat to it than the “all shots lit continuously for increasing value” of WCWS?


Yeah, I’m not sure if there’s even more to it or not but it’s a pretty cool concept as-is (although I’ve never actually managed to score many points in it :P)


I might be a little late to the party, but its 100% a switch issue. Both GBs I have access to had the same exact problem, pop the hood and you will find that the switch is loose or hanging on by a thread. The switch tests fine because when testing with the hand, you’re just looking at whether or not switch works - it does.

When ball enters the equation, it will very often “bounce” in the scoop and because the switch is loose, it will trigger for a split second, but not stay depressed. Software is there to immediately kick it out instead of awarding you the points because the switch registered, but did not stay held. Same behavior is sometime seen with the right scoop when the ball doesn’t quite get to sit in it, the ball saver will activate, and the solenoid will fire, but no award is given.

If it still happens on your location, do let the op know to readjust and tighten that switch.


Thanks. That sounds about right. I’ll talk to the op again. It probably passed switch test, so he didn’t look under the playfield. KIss, Met and XM all had a service bulletin for a similar issue.

I played another pro recently and the left scoop was nails. Worked as expected every time. Unfortunately it had super bands on it. Played horribly. Impossible to backhand the left ramp from a cradle. Frustrating to play an otherwise fine game gimped by bling rubbers.

On topic, loving the multiplier for all shots in stay puft. Was getting 300M a shot recently, which I believe is the new default replay score. I bet most folks at PAPA will go for the right ladder.


Got to WARTBY a couple times this weekend. Super Loopin started with a really low value, 300k, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to build this. Thanks


I have to say, the skill shot exploit makes the game 100x less annoying to play, because you only have to soft plunge for special occasions now. I hope it’s not patched out!


Game definitely needs at least one more update to fix WRTBY. I can confirm the shots are unreasonably low-valued (100k-ish), but I also had the “pleasure” of having locked one of the two balls for “loopin’ “supers””, draining the rest, then the game sitting confused for about 10 minutes making really half-assed attempts to kick the ball out. It eventually did, but it killed my flippers too and ended my ball. All that for a measly 1.6 million.


Just got my GB setup and had a couple questions:

  1. Is Slimer supposed to be down even if you’ve already started a mode? I seem to get into this state often. Is Slimer independent of modes?

  2. Is it normal for when you plunge the ball, when it leaves the plunger lane it randomly activates the diverter on the ramp for a short time?

  3. Is there any fix for the right orbit not registering?


Right orbit fix is a mylar removal thing. I think there’s a video somewhere about it

Are you on the most recent code? I know slimer was definitely bugged on older code, but it might still be bugged on new code too. There are some modes that make use of slimer, but I assume that is not what you are talking about.


they joy of GB… you should get the air ball protector and in lane raiser mode too :slight_smile:

  1. Yes that happens and it shouldn’t happen. No sure if there is a fix

  2. There’s a piece of Mylar right before the right orbit switch. Take that off.

Not sure about 2. Never seen that.


If Slimer is already down and you start a mode, Slimer stays down until chased away. This still gives you the ability to slime the playfield and light supers. He should not be coming out in response to ghost target hits if the mode is already running (but is used in 2 modes).

Removing the mylar on the orbit really does work. It is unbelievable, but it works.


See I’m confused by this because most times when you hit slimer to light modes, he goes away right when the modes are lit. Sometimes he doesn’t. Do you know when and why that happens?


In the scenario I am describing the mode is started by skill shot, not Slimer. Typical way this happens is plunge, hit ghost target (Slimer lowers, but skill shot still active), make skill shot to start mode.

If it is happening other ways I would be interested in knowing. There are still a lot of strange bugs still in the code that cause ridiculous things to happen, so there may be buggy ways as well.


Should have gone with WWE…:grin:


I think I have seen this sometime before… Pinside GB owner thread maybe your best bet…?


Does anyone know if there’s a bug with the captive ball scoring? Particularly during multiball, sometimes the captive ball on the left just straight up doesn’t give me the awards (even after hitting it three times). It seems impossible to light multipliers during multiball, for example.


What Gamma said. Slimer can be down if you start modes another way. (Like completing a mode or skillshot.) So you can have him down, and say you are unable to complete a mode, you have an instant relight where you have one less shot at the ghost target to make.


Cosigned. I got there for the first time last night. As best I could tell it was counting down a number of lit shots, then the ramp was lit for loopin’ supers at a whopping 300k each. Assuming that scoring is eventually fixed, this game is officially all left ramp. It’s probably headed out the door to free up money and space for Total Nuclear Annihilation.


There needs to be a wiki for all the weird bugs this game has… Like if your last shot to finish a mode is the right ramp skill shot for PKE frenzy, the frenzy starts, the mode finishes, but it does NOT light your next scenes for some reason.

Another weird one I had was I drained during the last stage in Gozer ( I think, can’t remember how this happened), but somehow all my scenes were lit EXCEPT Marshmallow! Gozer was somehow lit solid but marshmallow wasn’t blinking, but the other two mode ladders were. I was forced to play a different mode it was very strange.

Or… WHY DOES SOMETIMES THE CAPTIVE BALL JUST NOT GIVE YOU ANY AWARD? You’ll hit it three times with an award flashing, and it just quietly releases all 3 balls and gives you NOTHING