Ghostbusters Pinball Rulesheet


I too love the reversed flippers, my only complaint with it is that there’s no short ball saver when you get down to single ball play and MB is over.
Too many times I’ve lost all of the balls in play at the same time due to the flippers reversing at the wrong time.
I’m certain TSPP had a small ball save time at the end to allow you to readjust.

(Likewise at the end of Strobe MB in AFM)


So, I haven’t played much GB, less than 20 games for sure, so this isn’t worth the space it is taking up, but has anyone tried playing Mass Hysteria by flipping both flippers (and playing it on the fly instead of trying to trap up (which seems terrible if the flippers are constantly flipping))? And I agree a small ball save at the end seems like a good idea.


Oh yeah, totally! One of the things I like about Ghostbusters is that nearly every shot can be made on the fly, though that’s not necessarily easier.

Mass Hysteria doesn’t seem to be too hysterical if I’m trapping up! How am I supposed to hit the capture ball on accident and flip between inversed and normal? (Not sarcasm, really honestly love it.)


This is how I almost always play MH. I double flip focusing on trying to hit the captive ball to get back to normal. Although, if I get on a good roll with left ramps I can do that with reversed flippers fine (single flipping). I am cheating though because I don’t actually craddle up during multiball very much anyway. It is something I work on, but as an inaccurate player, it is not my typically my best scores.

I will add when in normal flippers during MH, I am constantly flipping me left flipper to see if I accidentally reversed again.

I got use to double flipping on WOZ because I am not flexible enough to cross my arms on a widebody (although since it moved to the final crystal ball mode I am not even sure if I have activated it).


For Reverse Flippers I just cross my arms. Brain sees left flipper and left hand triggers left flipper by pressing right button. Switch as needed, you look a little ridiculous to the passerby you also look like a PINBALL GOD all they see is somebody playing a metric fu** ton of pinballs simultaneously the machine is whooping it up with huge scores and the person playing is so good they are crossing their arms back and forth in some sort of show off stunt pinballing.

Man I love this game…

Right Reverend [REDACTED] Ryan Richards
Your Bionic Pinball Millionaire


Yes, this is a typical reverse flippers strategy, but the problem with GB is that it goes back and forth - reverse/normal/reverse/normal


The moment a flipper doesn’t flip according to how I think it should, I uncross. Takes less than a 1/4 second to adjust.


That 1/4 of a sec is all I need to drain everything. Haha. Especially if one is trapped.


I have never not lost a ball in the process of switching my arms during wcws.


…and even Tommy when the blinders were out.

The lack of ball save infuriates me as well. Yes, TSPP does save it, and WOZ does as well, though I admit it took a little too long to get to it in there.


Now that I’ve played more, I’m starting to think the ramp to saucer diverter turning on during WCWS may actually be a bug. Sometimes, it seems that the diverter is on immediately after starting the multiball, meaning that you don’t get a chance to loop the ramp at all (which sucks!). Other times I’ve been able to loop like 20 times without the diverter turning on. My current theory is the diverter behavior is triggered by having a storage facility lock lit. In other words, if you have lock lit when you start WCWS you’re out of luck and won’t be able to loop the ramp at all. Otherwise you’ll be able to loop until you collect enough ghosts to qualify your next storage facility lock (of course if you’re accurate you should be able to loop for quite a while without accumulating any ghosts :wink: ).

Unfortunately, it seems that the same thing applies to the looping supers mode nested within WRTBY. Really sucks when the game tells you to loop supers but doesn’t actually let you loop! (I think there’s some weirdness with the super jackpot value in that mode as well; they were giving me 300,000 a piece but I don’t think it’s actually possible for the SJ value to be that low~)


PKE Frenzy always seems to say “Total Score: 69” at the end. I didn’t think the PKE jackpots could be that low either. :wink:


Anyone know if there’s a setting to disable Slimer? There’s a GB on location where the arm slimer is on doesn’t go down.


Yeah, it’s a feature adjustment. Seems odd for it to be implemented on location, though.


we have a tournament and the slimer won’t go down if you hit GHOST so it also means you can never complete He Slimed Me mode so it seems if you turn off that setting it should compensate somehow :slight_smile:


Thats the hope. Disabling the drop target on Star Trek doesn’t use the Vengemce optos as compensation :confounded:


The lack of ball save on WOZ drove me nuts and does so as well on MHMB. The value in MH isn’t really there to risk draining all balls so I’ll usually drain down to one for a safe return to standard flippers.


Wait a minute.

Was just glancing at @bkerins’s Patreon GB strategy guide and this line caught my eye:

Flippers are shallow. On the Pro, flippers have a very wide center gap, virtually the same as Mustang or Creature. On the LE, the longer flippers make center drains less common.

What?! Do the Pro and LE/Prem have different sized gaps?


Not that I noticed.


I haven’t played or seen the LE, but someone gave me the impression that they were using slightly longer flippers, like the ones that came on some of the late 80s Bally games.

If that’s incorrect info, my mistake!