Ghostbusters Magnaslings

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This obviously was inspired by Lyman’s manga-pass!

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Looks cool, but I hope it ends up having a good repertoire of spooky tricks. Do they not seem very strong, yet?

Those look very cool…but maybe not for competition play. Even more random than the slings.

The ball bouncing off and then sorta stopping abruptly in the middle of the playfield is a bit off putting. Otherwise seems okay for a first look.

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Might be friendlier than the classic sling - sling - sling - sling - outlane. Dropping it sdtm would get very old very fast though…

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I hope this never catches on. Cool looking but the worst gimmick as far as gameplay is concerned.

They look quirky and interesting for occasional coin drops on location. It is way too gimmicky for owning at home or tournament play. I’ll be buying the Pro.

I bet it will get more eyeballs watching on Twitch and some epic replays later on youtube. But as a player, they look a lot less predictable than standard slings. I wonder if they will be adjustable, as pitch will likely make a difference. Also wonder if they will be disabled during multiball. That could get messy quick.

I predict someone online will ask for/ demand a ball saver for a SDTM from the slings, no matter how reasonable it plays. Count on it.

Did they only show ‘test’ play instead of gameplay because of time constraints? Or were they just trolling the potential premium/ LE buyers for more deposits? Maybe a little of both?

This feature, combined with traditional slings would be have been incredible, instead it looks like BSD and TAF had a magnets from hell hate child and are about to increase the frustration level of pinball to a new level.

Magnadrains for days.


Curious how these will interact with cradled balls. Instant jail break?

They still activate with a switch in the sling rather than an eddy sensor.

Video won’t play for me anymore.
Is the rubber setup the same as on conventional? Would prefer that play surface to be like ordinary inert sling. I figure magnet issues can be worked out with control software.

For competitive play, these look terrible. Absolutely terrible.
I agree with Taylor: should have been a hybrid sling with traditional sling mechs, and then op/owner adjustable on when and how often those magnets activate, if at all.

Or perhaps limited to certain mode(s).

I feel like some of these comments are a little reactionary. Let’s wait until we see it in the context of real gameplay first and then decide whether or not it will translate well to competition.


True enough. I’m probably over-reacting to an initial video.

But then Stern needs to ask the question: if the video of beta code magna-slings is going to generate more doubt/negativity than excitement, then why release a video of beta code?

I think if there is a way to tweak it to make the magna-slings behave more like… um… actual slings ;), but at different angles, it might work a lot better. I’m envisioning where the magna-slings fling the ball and then release it so it’s zooming across the table, and not stopping it on a dime over the gap between the flippers.

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A lot of beginner level players have a WTF reaction every time the ball drains.

It’s never their fault. The game is cheating them. What were they supposed to do? Etc. (It’s like they think the only way they should lose is by not flipping in time when the ball hits the flipper).

Yeah, the slings will surprise and delight a few times. But the first time it throws a ball STDM or out the outlanes - that will prevent people from coming back. Won’t it? I hope it’s not as bad as we’re all imagining.

To that note, Trent was saying he hopes the magnet placement is adjustable so that it can fling the ball outwards instead of inwards.

Also: Don’t slingshots throw balls out the outlanes from time to time too? Maybe not STDM like these magnets seem to, but it seems like just replacing the old way of draining with a new one…instead of stacking slings AND magnets together which both are probably evil as a combo.

Seems like they’d have to handled differently in mutiball. I bet the sling switches are disabled during MB and the software pulses the magnets, like TAF.

There was an interview I heard with Trudeau and he said the magnaslings could do some interesting things, in addition to acting like regular slingshots. So don’t freak out just yet. These should be able to mimic the same action as regular slings.