GB bug

When entering MB with a Mode going I’m having issues in which the Mode shots are not awarded. Is this a feature or bug?

You can also enter MB with Scenes lit and then exit MB without them lit. I vote bug for both of these situations.

I’ve seen that too. Obviously the right orbit shot is disabled at the start of MB, but other shots also aren’t counting. I always look to see what mode shots I still need at the beginning of MB, but MB is such a clusterfark, I have a hard time remembering where I’m at afterward. Will have to concentrate on that more.

One bug that’s getting more pronounced on the pro I’m playing is the left scoop/ saucer not counting shots when lit. Won’t start a mode when lit for the skill shot and won’t award an EB when not in MB. Ball always immediately ejects (not a switch issue) but doesn’t award whatever is lit. This location game recently reset the high scores (not GC), so I assume at least 2K plays since the last update.

Ball Save insert lamp with a mind of its own is also a weird bug, how does that not get sorted out before shipping? Smh

Actually that sounds exactly like a switch issue. The ball trips the switch on the way in, but doesn’t while the ball is fully in and resting on the solenoid plunger.


You’re probably right as its getting worse. Still, shots don’t rattle out there. It’s either in or out. The software should award you whatever with the first switch closure, then eject the ball.

This was happening on mine and I blamed it on software. Turns out it was the switch. (One screw had come out, and the microswitch was able to pivot around the other). Tell your op, and if they, like me, claim that it doesn’t seem like a switch issue, tell them it is, and some random dude on the internet was certain of it. :slight_smile:


Operator notified. GOT was missing it’s right flipper button anyway, so it was worth a voice mail. Thanks guys.

One thing I was orginally tempted to report was the ball falling off the return ramp into the saucer when the diverter doesn’t divert. Now, I figure it’s just a speed thing. You don’t make a good shot, it may trickle down into the saucer. Not sure if it’s intentional, but I like it.

Do the Stay puft Multipliers do anything at this point? I’ve gotten to Stay Puft numerous times and the multipliers are always 1x

Collect the Spook Central hurryup when its at its lowest (1.5m), and you’re awarded the luxury of auto-completing the mode right then and there. And a piddly 1.5 million too.

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They currently multiply all scores by 1. :wink:

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So right now that’s it? Well that’s underwhelming.

they may increase the number of shots you get to hit on that shot. So 3x means 3 times as many shots for that shot. I was able to get 20 shots on the left ramp and I think it was because that shot was multiplied. I’m not 100% sure about this, but something increased the number of shots I had the opportunity to shoot at a base of 50M.

Hmmmm… interesting. That would be good to confirm.
I’d suggest moving this particular sub-topic over to the GB rule sheet. It has some comments already on this “feature.”

found this on the guide posted on Pinside…

“a multiplier based upon how many of the shots you hit before hitting the right orbit.”

If that’s true, I should’ve been getting 0x. :wink:

What I can say for sure is that there is a multiplier that corresponds to each major shot. When you hit the Gozer target the 1st time, the spinner shot changes from 1x to 2x, the 2nd time it is hit the left ramp goes from 1x to 2x, then the right loop from 1x to 2x for a 3rd hit and lastly the right ramp from 1x to 2x with a fourth hit. 2x to 3x if the Gozer target is hit 5 to 8 times. So it is a round robin sort of progression. If you’d added some time to the mode from the pop bumpers, it might be OK to keep hitting the gozer target for awhile before starting to hit the mode shots, but otherwise it might be best just to hit it twice just after starting the mode so that right ramp is at 2x since it is a very easy shot and feeds back to the right flipper.

It is also possible that the choice of Destructor plays a role in how many shots you get before only the the spinner and right ramp shots are left for one shot each which then lights the right loop to finish off the mode by hitting the right loop twice, crossing the beams and lighting WCWSWKIA on the left ramp. As you say these things need to be confirmed.

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Started SP with SP3x multiplier and did not appear to have any scores multiplied. WOFT.

Had a bug starting a game where “Start Scene” was only lit on left ramp shot (according to DMD) even though it was ball 1. Only happened once in a series of 2 player games so idk

I collected a 3X jackpot in SP yesterday (150M+). Although I’ve had shots that I thought were 2X not multiplied too.

Not 100% sure but it seems like the left ramp is the first shot multiplied when you hit the gozer target (in SP), and you can somehow 3X a shot before 2X’ing all the other shots.

It would be nice if the multiplier indicators on the bottom of the display before you select a shot stayed on after you make your selection. Not always easy to know which shots are multiplied before you make the selection shot.