GameTime tournament series - Florida area

Hey guys,

Looking for some IFPA volunteers in the Tampa, Ft. Meyers and Miami areas in Florida.

Working with GameTime locations in those three cities on a tournament concept for this fall.

They are looking to give away 3 NIB games (one at each of their locations) with this tournament campaign, and need some TD assistance wherever possible if we have any volunteers interested in helping.

Let me know if you’re interested in helping, and I’ll follow up with more details.


Don’t know if there’s many big time tourney players on here, either way I’m in to help for sure. I’d love to have the chance at winning a new pin.

I had already been in contact with Josh. My work schedule is preventing me from volunteering or participating.

I’ll spread the word, though. :slight_smile:

Josh, sent you a PM via Tilt forums the other day, re: Miami location.