Games you can skillfully achieve multiball in 3 flips or less?


Family Guy / Shrek, 3rd ball pity-MB. Decent H2H tournament strategy :smiley: :slight_smile:




Stern PotC with a little luck after shooting the “mix master” in the upper left.


Pinball Magic = 1 flip

Full plunge and as it comes around the loop shoot up the left ramp to lock ball 1. Plunge new ball into hat to start.


SHAQ- Zero flips. plunge balls 1 and 2 and never flip. ball 3 you plunge and lock all balls wit the plunger.
freddy- zero flips shoot ball in oven from the plunge for multiball.
black knight- 3 flips if locks are on easy
split second- 1 flip if 2 balls are locked from previous game
jokerz- 2 flips if someone already locked a ball that you steal.
grand lizard- 1 flip if same as above
elvis- 2 flips if jail house rock is set to easy.


Stern POTC - Three strong shots into the “mix-master”


Highly unlikely:

  1. Short plunge, one flip into Tortuga. Assume you are lucky and light lock without having to go in there a second time. (It happens maybe 10% of the time that a single shot to Tortuga will light lock.)

  2. Live catch on the left, post-transfer to right flipper, put ball into Tortuga again. Now have one ball locked in Tortuga and a second ball gets ejected into the shooter lane.

But the three flips are used up now, and multiball hasn’t started yet. Mulltiball starts only if you don’t lose the second ball before the first ball that is still in Tortuga is released, and that will require at least one more flip for a live catch.

Without a live catch when the first ball comes out of Tortuga, you could try a bounce over to the right flipper. That doesn’t work on the POTCs I’ve played. But you could be ultra-lucky/skilful and get the bounce over and take a live shot at Tortuga. Then short plunge, use the third flip to put the second ball into Tortuga. Now the auto-plunger plunges a third ball. That ball will drain before the two balls in Tortuga are released, causing two-ball multiball to start.

So, I don’t think it’s really possible with only three flips.


The POTC in our league the bounce is a 100%. It makes for a really, really long night.


Ah :slight_smile: I guess you could open the outlanes wide and turn off the ball saver. But, yes, POTC tends to be a long-playing game.