Games you can skillfully achieve multiball in 3 flips or less?


So what specifically was wrong with LIS? I mean, the game sucks, but am not sure why it’s specifically bad for tourneys.


I have played a ton of LiS at my friends’ house and the “mystery” award is 3mil 95% of the time. In tournament mode ,if you watch the feed, was handing out random multiballs left and right (sometimes the SAME multiball on consecutive awards). It’s almost like the tournament and non tournament modes are swapped.


Stargate via skillshot?


Hah, got it, ok. I haven’t watched the feed yet, I’ve played a bunch of LIS like you and had never seen stuff like that from Mystery.


Works even if you press both flippers before ball 1 to disable the “Shoot the pyramid” callouts. :sunglasses:


Are the SEGA tourney mode the same as the DE with the strange “IFPA”, “PAPA”, “EXPO” options?


Dungeons and dragons you could lock a ball right away and then release it from above the pop bumper area with a slight amount of luck.


Like the Dracula 20 million award


No Fear, 1 flip on ball 3
Rescue 911- 1 if mode selection via flipper button doesn’t count. Otherwise 1-5 flips, depending on what mode you have to select when ball is in shooter lane.


The cabinet buttons do allow for staging (on mine at least, but they stage backwards for some reason, again on mine at least, so not helpful at all in game play)


Black Knight, if lit for multiball all the time and you’re good at hitting the lock from the top right flipper.
(and upper left flipper if balls already in lock)


Or if on the plunge you can nudge the ball into the drop target after it hits the first time - it doesn’t know the difference so it assumes a loop hit.


good point - i have had that happen (rarely).


X files, judge Dredd blackout, Shaq attack, phantom of the Opera if you make the skill shot, spider Man, Data East Batman if you make the skill shot, and Terminator 2.


Can you plunge the side ramp on any TSPP? You could get Couch MB in 3 flips if you hit off the TV post hard enough to go into to couch lock.


Stargate skill shot often starts a multiball. No flips required.


That wouldn’t make a good pingolf goal then would it :wink:


OK, gotta represent myself:

Alien, 3 Xeno skill shots.


I’ve done this but I don’t know Stargate that well. Are there concrete rules for how to ensure this happens.


Indeed. Soft plunge (and hope it doesn’t accidentally rattle into the Right inlane return habitrail :