Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Yeah, welcome to one of the most arbitrary add-a-balls in modern Sterns. :sweat_smile:


I’ve gotten it to work as martell


Sounds like your ability to use it got nuked as soon as you started the mode is my guess (since it resets your abilities anyway).


I played that game the day after it arrived and it was very steep then. At least 7 degrees. Even the factory bubble reflected this. It was also leaning slightly to the right. If it’s still as steep now as it was then, I wouldn’t read too much into it. When you play one at 6.5 degrees it won’t be nearly as fast. Hi Life’s is Papa A steep.


do pops increase the value of the Wall JPs and SJPs? That animation takes too long to watch and see what you got for the Super and tell what value it actually was…


No the lanes and pop awards advance to wall MB


There is a pop award for Advance Wall Jackpot (200k), but don’t rely on it coming up. Also there’s the same award in the Mystery.


Man, hope the upper playfield does more than this. Just seems so disconnected from the rest of the game. May be changing my order to a pro lol


I imagine it as a more advanced version of the WOZ Castle: it has its own unique shots to make and a multiball attached to it. When Pittsburgh gets an LE on-location (soon) we’re planning to stream some stuff and break it all down.


I guess I thought there was a diverter to the upper pf but every shot to the right ramp goes up there… seems like a real flow killer.


Probably already well known but starting baratheon prevents lighting outlane saves.


Played it tonite. it’s not that bad a flow killer. Nope many rules for mini playfield but the ball doesn’t stay up there long so it doesn’t really kill the flow. The Iron Throne however dropped about 50% of the balls fed to it making mystery a bit tough.


I noticed in the above video the throne dropped the ball. The one that was set up at FPF didn’t do this at all when I played it. I wonder what kind of adjustment would fix this, and how common is the problem?


Yeah right now it’s shoot standups then tunnel for all 4 levels. Hopefully in future updates the levels become different like hitting a roving shot or combo from left loop to targets ect.


It’s quite a drop from the wireform to the throne. The kickout from the throne would also launch the ball completely over the jet area onto a plastic. Right now there is no adjustment for throne kick strength. Also the one I played tonite had a lot of trouble registering the vuk switch. Seems the ball wasn’t settling into the hole very well.


Update to the image guide is live! I’ll be working on the LE/Premium Addendum this weekend, and making a printer-friendly version.

Upper playfield is pretty cool from what I’ve seen, and moving the Mystery/Extra Ball shot to the right loop is an interesting choice.


May wanna add Super Jackpots during one ball play (From mystery or grace period after multiball) are worth some random X100 factor. I was picking up 4 mil supers then after the 2 balls drain 1 grace period super for 169M. Not quite sure what the logic is with that or just a bug.


hehe, I did that Saturday for 60 mil and got some weird looks…Like I knew something and wasn’t telling anyone what the secret was. Glad someone narrowed it down to single ball play :slight_smile:


it’s a bug that Dwight knows about and will be adjusted downwards on the next code update. But for now, always take any super in the mystery! :slight_smile:


Add it to the feature matrix