Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


New Bowden phrase: Constantly Be Acquiring.


How about “Always Be Buying”? :sunglasses:


Got video mode tonight and it looks and plays much better with the new code. 3X win was worth 60M.


The skill shot is small points and doesn’t advance toward wall multi so I would short plunge and light a lock on the right 2-bank or go for the left 3 drop targets to light your outlane ball-savers. On the one I play, the ball savers can be lit once per ball.

Stark isn’t a bad mode to start because it’s fairly easy and you can pick up a quick 150M+. Assuming your opponents are equally new to the game, that will be enough to shut many of them out. Just shoot the center ramp as many times as you can before time runs out and then cash out with the left orbit, but minimum six ramps before cash out. If you don’t cash out, you get nothing.


Definitely light the Lord of Light outlanes asap. I don’t mind full plunging though because the pop bumpers give decent awards too.


Yeah, plunging the skillshot is great if you have a good pop award lined up (if you’re on-site and it’s giving you a special, take that!)

With regards to modes and stacking, getting Lannister lit is probably one of the best things to have. 40 second timer with saved progress, and it rewards you for bricked shots so it will make those Stark/Martell misses easier to take. Multiball stacking is also big, with Stark being my go-to for Blackwater because of the grace period on the ball save. Lannister/Greyjoy is a great multiball pair, and pesky modes like Targaryen-Drogon and Tyrell are easier to pick off.

If you’re looking for easy points Stark (see above) is great, and Barratheon rewards good Wall Multiball play with 50-100m+ supers. Our local 5-ball high score of 5.6b was set using Barratheon and no major Iron Throne scoring. 25x supers are juicy.


How long does Lord of Light remain active once lit? I think I saw it unlight on me after a minute or so once, but I’m not sure.


Until you use it or drain out. It also gets used on multiballs, so that could be why.


Defeating Iron Throne using Grayjoy causes all of your plundered abilities to reset except for Tyrell for some reason.


Was targaryan your final finished house as greyjoy before iron throne? Back on 1.15 there was an issue where the game wouldn’t let you defeat the third dragon…didn’t know if that was fixed


No I wanted to finish it early to see how my Hand of the King would benefit. It doesn’t lol. Really wish the modes would incorporate more Battering ram and drop targets. After 45 min of shooting ramps and loops over and over it gets kind of dull. When mine arrives those outlane posts are history.


Too controllable even without them…my guess is because of the orbit feeds. I’m wondering if papa will throw lightning flippers on it too.


Or put a superband on the battering ram


banana! :fried_shrimp:


I’ve found this to be one of the harder games for me to get control of the ball on. I’ve mostly played the one at Hi Life in Oakland, where the tilt bob seems very tight, so I’ve taken to pretty much avoiding nudging at all.

Are you nudging much? Is this just a sign that I rely too much on nudging and should learn to play better and take (and stop missing) fewer shots that put the ball in danger?


Tim, I tend to bail out of on the fly shots with safe shots. If the tilt is tight and I can’t nudge like I want to, I’ll try not to shoot anything on the fly except the center ramp and maybe the right orbit. Otherwise I’m just tying to post catch (which has seemed to work as well as it does on acdc) and take a controlled shot. I’m digging the backhand to the right ramp, and then backhand the left orbit on the fly. Backhanding that left orbit on the fly has been my go-to bailout shot when I need to keep the combo multipliers going but the final shot is either the dragon or the center ramp. If tilt is tight then I’m less likely to go for the battering ram in single ball play.


Edited in the House Greyjoy changes if playing the house, some more info about the multiballs, and the add-a-ball feature to the wiki. I can’t believe I didn’t realize the latter until today!

Still waiting on a 1.17 update for our local one, which won’t be getting put in for another 10 days (stupid TOPPS tournament currently going on).


Are you sure you can add a ball during Iron Throne? I know using Grayjoy-Martel it doesn’t work.


I’ve done it using Martell before, maybe its a bug with Greyjoy-Martell? That, or the add-a-ball was already used for that ball.


Nope I saved it for it twice with no luck. That’s a huge one because I was already on the fence about starting IT since GJ with Martell, Tyrell and baratheon = gigantic wall multiball totals beyond that of IT. Guess i’ll be shooting lots of pops instead :wink: