Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Seems like nothing is worth buying in tournament mode.


I don’t know what Golden Hand does, so I’m not really able to help :wink:


I had no idea that multipliers applied to mystery points awards. That explains why I once got a mystery award for 200m points! IIRC it cost me about 4800 in gold.


I always take Lord of Light but can some math major do some analysis? The location GoT has wide open outlanes and is super tilty so it’s worth it to me :slight_smile:


You’re giving up 900,000 points times your bonus multiplier on each ball left to purchase Lord of Light. I think I would rather have the outlane ball save than those points.


Yeah, thinking that way its actually a pretty good deal on tight/wide outlane machines. I only saw it once when I was one drop from lighting it myself and I was taken back a bit with the price. You just have to know your bonus multiplier/balls left, and the skill shot (if you take it) is worth 1x bonus multiplier as well.


Purchasing lord of light might only show up when you’re only one completion away from lighting it again. I’ve been keeping track of how close I am to lighting it and it seems that this is the case (might be dead wrong). Still, it’s one of the better things to purchase.


Yeah, Lord of Light is basically an extra ball, so I’d want to pick it as long as I didn’t have any multiballs coming soon.


Unfortunately it’s usually wasted on BW multiball. Hopefully it gets updated to be lane controlled


Yeah, balls 1 and 2 at least it seems like it would make sense to work towards lighting other houses or work towards Wall Multiball rather than starting Blackwater with Lord of Light active.


1.1 version is out. Hopefully this fixed most/some of my issues.

Notable changes are describing how the Targaryen modes work, actually mentioning the Iron Bank button, Iron Throne descriptions, and other bits and pieces.

As a side note, stacking multiballs with the Drogon battle (3rd dragon in Targaryen) is fiendishly lucrative.

It went up .1 MB and .1 versions.


Added info about Winter Has Come wizard mode.


Is there any disadvantage to stacking two modes together? For example, if I have two modes lit that aren’t very complementary (say, Stark and Martell), is there any reason to not play them together anyway, just in case?

Just got some good time in on the game. Fun, but wall multiball scoring is out of control.


Stacking is generally good if you’ll be hitting shots that give you two-for-one scoring. That, or Lannister isn’t bad because when you brick a shot, you just unintentionally lit up your next Lannister red shield shot.

I’d Stark is one of the worst modes to stack. For Stark, you know that you’re going to be camping out on the center ramp shot for most of the mode, and thus using up most of your shared mode timer. This won’t leave you with as much time for Martell. Even worse is if you stack any mode with Stark, and accidentally hit one ramp shot followed by an orbit, leaving you with a piddly Stark collect (unless you’re trying to move past Stark toward HOTK or Iron Throne).

Choosing to play one mode doesn’t cost you the ability to start the next mode immediately after completing the first – it will still be qualified on your next center ramp shot.

So the drawbacks to consider for stacking (or even playing) a mode:

  • you can’t work on qualifying any other modes while playing one
  • stacked modes could distract you from hitting correct shots to maximize the individual mode values
  • if the modes timer keeps you from maximizing the scoring potential, then running short on time is bad.


you might not be on the newest code (1.15 vs 1.17) if that’s the case but you might not select two modes if one is Stark and you are trying to max value it first and you stack Greyjoy which has a short timer. Greyjoy might time out while you are spamming the center ramp to max the value to cash out on Greyjoy. Not the worst thing though since GJ keeps your progress.


Yeah, right. That’s what I thought. So there’s no risk you’re taking on by playing both at the same time. You probably won’t complete both, but it’s just one ramp shot away to take on the one you failed.

I don’t know, from a rules design perspective I guess I’d prefer that wasn’t the case. But a minor quibble.


Gold at end of ball bonus counts for total gold not just your current gold. Go ahead and spend it. You will still get credit for it at the end of the ball.


Dwight so great to have you on here - thanks so much for the great programming on this game so far!

So you are saying whatever gold you have earned in the game cumulatively will be calculated in the bonus? So if you earned 10,000 over the entire game and spent all but 200 the bonus would be for 10,000 gold at the end of your last ball even though your ‘balance’ is currently 200?


Then I would say the Golden Hand is a great deal! Ball three you best be buying!


We don’t have one of these in my city. I’m flying to a tournament on the weekend that has this machine, but the event starts with no practice. Any tips for a simple strategy on the first play or two?