Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet

Amazing @Dwight! Thank you. I’ll grab the update tomorrow morning and Zach and I will test it out on our premium and provide feedback.


You have to activate the ability before the outlane switch, right? And it still has to hit that switch? If so, this isn’t automatically 6 balls per game as you would get nothing from a center drain. I haven’t tried Baratheon yet with this update, so please correct me if I’m wrong and it just turns on the ball saver.

I don’t think this quite is true. Martell has advantages.
1 - Can give an add a ball even when your balls are not at risk
2 - Can give the ball back when going out the middle.
3 - Can turn 3-ball multiball with 2 balls draining fast into a four ball.

You’re right. Baratheon isn’t going to protect from center drains.

I tried arguing that with you when I recommended lighting LOL every ball (no timer). You said we can’t give everyone 6 balls per game! :slight_smile:

I remember it differently.

No timer == you just press it once per ball. There is no thinking or urgency. That is why your idea was bad.

Especially with lightning flippers, sensitive slings, plus competition-tight tilt. But even limited to Outlanes, Baratheon LOL-on-demand is so much more powerful than Martell’s benefit that is only limited to multi-ball.

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Has there been any thought in allowing you to light LOL more than once per game? Always thought it was odd how many resources were put in to the feature with inserts and text on the drops and everything yet it’s only good for ONE time (and worse yet if you center drain you lose it anyway!)

I would make it so the # of target completions increases by one to re light LOL, unless you are Baratheon, then it would always be one set. HOWEVER, you can only progress LOL in SINGLE BALL PLAY. Thoughts?


I’m wondering if Pinburgh will be using old code or one of these new versions with potential wacky exploits. I don’t have one to play locally so I’m deciding if I should care enough to learn whatever new rules are settled on in the next couple weeks or just wait to learn it once it stabilizes. @PAPA_Doug @bkerins

That’s what Baratheon does. Allows the player to have it more than once. Or you can change the setting. I believe it allows it to be set to every 3 bank completions.

It would be awesome if PAPA used GOT somewhere with the new code. They can set the game(s) on GREYJOY. Then any imbalancing will be forced on all the same.


Generally, I don’t use brand new code unless it fixes other bugs, but I have been known to make exceptions. I haven’t made a formal decision on GoT yet.

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Yep, the setting for LOL from drops is Never, Once per game, or every 3 times the bank is completed.

I’ve downloaded the updated version. I will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks!

Please consider publishing the version of game code used so players have that information up front.

This is probably still unrealistic at this time, but I’ll also take the opportunity to reiterate a desire that TD’s do this for any machine where latest code has not been stable for a long time, or a custom ROM has been used. This can be a very important piece of information.

So things like Tron/Ghostbusters/Monopoly … those are baked enough. (well, at least until the mythical GB code update happens). GoT/Deadpool/BK:SOR/JJPOTC/etc… helpful to know what version you are playing.

I own a GoT pro … loving the new code. Thanks, Dwight! Appreciate letting us try the beta, too.

Thought I’d share some of the aesthetic things I noticed, in case it helps you.

  1. The initials for the new “Targaryen Champion” score, on the attract mode, are in a smaller font than all the rest of the house champions. It’s obvious when you scroll through it.

  2. When choosing a mode, “Random” comes between the original houses, and the new Targaryen house. I would have expected it to be at the end. No big deal.

  3. “MINI MODE” is misspelled “MNI MODE” when you start Wildfire. This was the case with the previous code, too.

Oh, and one gameplay thing I noticed … in Baratheon mode, the value goes up very high, much higher than before. It used to be that it would slow down as you got to 70, 80 million plus (each spin would grow the value by less than at the start). Now, it seems to keep going at the same speed. It’s easy to get it to 200M and beyond.

I mention this because it didn’t come up in any of the change logs, so just in case it wasn’t intentional.

BTW, one strategy I’m trying is choosing Lannister, hoarding gold until I play Baratheon, running up the value, then buying 5x just before hitting the drops to collect. Not too difficult a billion, and low risk, because I won’t buy the 5x until it’s one shot away from collecting.

Thanks again!

Nice catches! Thanks.

2 - Random comes at the end of the list of houses. It follows the lights on the playfield, Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Lannister … Martell, and then RANDOM. But since you can go backwards with the left flipper up through the houses you can get to RANDOM after Targaryen.

Yeah, Baratheon is too high. I try to balance the modes against Stark. Stark maxes out at 75M but you can have up to 30X multipliers with Stark. The highest multiplier you can have with Baratheon is 5X.

  1. Ah, OK! What confused me is that when you start the game, the first house offered is Stark rather than Targaryen. So it looks like Targaryen is after random, when it’s really first before Stark, but the game starts by positioning on house #2.

Got it.

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One more thing:

Playing Lannister. In the pops, all three slot machine reels finish on “+750 gold.” Then the full graphic comes up, but it says “250 gold” instead of 750.

Not sure if it actually added 750 or 250.

We’ve put the test code on our Premium. I can say the above adjustment is exactly what we needed (though I still have a concern if the elevator and/or diverter are broken I think the EB/Wall MB/Mystery award will still be unavailable) so thank you very much. We are planning on using the game in league tonight with the house complete setting turned off.

I will provide additional feedback once Zach and I have had a chance to play a few games this afternoon.