Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet

You betcha

Lannister is the best house now imo.

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I don’t know. I was not a fan of it until the outlane save was changed to once per ball.

Hard to move off Lannister for me at the moment.

Guys. It would be cool if you let me do the reveal on Monday. You are giving away spoilers!

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What is the HOTK bug?

Original code had a bug. It was fixed early on.

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It was a super bug, really. Maybe the biggest scoring bug ever. I believe you had to bring Stark into HOTK. Jackpots got huge quick. Biggest single shot I saw was 3.3B.

KME revealed the bug at a tournament that was broadcasted on Twitch. Jaws were dropping. I’m sure there’s video of that somewhere. At the time, I didn’t know it was a bug. I just thought it was the best scoring strategy. Don’t remember what kind of final scores we were getting, but I remember some being in the 20-30B range.

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Bug was feature scoring not resetting. Has happened in some sort on most new stern’s with early code, thus you see TD’s reseting games between entries.

Found it. Fun starts at around 4:19:00.


Would be nice if game code were properly tested, wouldn’t it?

Kind of harsh for that one, IMHO. You really had to blow up HOTK to get to that bug so I’m betting most of the testers didn’t get to that point of the game in order to notice it.


Not only did you have to blow up HOTK, but it also had to be done after a playing a significant number of games (since the last power cycle) to trigger a noticeable scoring difference. Pretty much worst-case conditions for testing coverage~


You also had to bring Stark into HOTK, so yeah, definitely an edge case.

Was a little surprising to find the skill shot missing on BK3 recently as that was evident as soon as you hit the start button, but at least it still technically worked.

It’s not the kind of bug you are likely to find during play testing. But it’s a classical reset/resource leak, which should be caught during unit testing. A test to establish that all the variables are in the correct state at game start would catch it.

Big shout out to @Dwight and his team on implementing a TON of new interesting rules and features. Here’s a first pass at what I saw on the stream.

New additional house abilities (not action button-related):
Lannister: when you hit the standups, they give 143% more gold than previous code.
Baratheon: completing the drop target bank advances progress toward Wall MB.
Targaryen: (you can now choose to play as Targaryen!) it immediately and completely spots Targaryen house completion without playing any of the three levels of Targaryen.

New house action button abilities (once per ball, except Lannister as well as Greyjoy, but the latter only applies to a newly Plundered ability on the same ball):
When the action button is solidly lit in the color of your house (or Plundered house), it is available and ready to use.

  • Tyrell: Iron Bank … Trading multipliers for points with the Braavosi bank: same concept as the original code Iron Bank, but with exponential points increase based on the levels of PFx and ComboX that are running. Up to approx 300M max point value, apparently. As before, cashing in Iron Bank eliminates your active PFx and ComboX. Note: all other non-Tyrell houses that used to have Iron Bank no longer have Iron Bank ability.
  • Stark: Direwolf … Ghost to the rescue: activating it will immediately complete the house mode you are playing. If you’ve stacked two modes, it will only complete one of the two modes: the house that is listed on top during mode selection screen will be the one that gets completed by Direwolf. The “top” house will correspond with the house displayed on the left of DMD during the stacked modes. Direwolf does not give you many points for the house that gets completed.
  • Baratheon: Lord of Light… You’ve got the Red Woman on speed dial: get an instant timed outlane ball-save on both outlanes. Timer looks like it lasts only a few seconds after hitting your next switch.
  • Lannister: Golden Playfield X… It pays to be rich: you can instantaneously buy your next PFx level without hitting the battering ram. The PFx level cost = N PFx times 500 gold. So 2x PFx costs 1,000 gold, 3x PFx costs 1,500 gold, etc. You cannot purchase a PFx level that you have not yet qualified from Sword collects. The Golden PFx ability is not limited to once per ball.
  • Greyjoy: Plunder… Pay the Iron Price: Greyjoy has no initial Action Button ability, but the most recent house that you defeated becomes your Action ability. A newly Plundered Action ability may be used during the same ball as a prior Plundered Action you already activated.
  • Targaryen: Freeze Timers… Even timers bend the knee to Khaleesi: immediately pause all actively running timers (not including ball-save timers) for 15 seconds. Any timers that start during the Freeze period will start out as paused, and then begin their count-down only after Freeze has expired.
  • Martell: Add-a-Ball… no change here.
  • Mystery House Ability purchase: if you collect a lot of gold, three house action button abilities may now be purchased from the Mystery selection screen – Martell, Baratheon, and Tyrell. (Martell costs 3,800 gold). This purchased House Action ability replaces your current House Action ability for the remainder of the game.

EDIT: made the fixes that Dwight suggested below.
MORE EDITING: I added all of this to the Wiki.


This is great. Slight corrections:
“Lannister: gives 143% more gold than other houses, when you hit the standups”
Lannister: gives 143% more gold than it used to give on average.
“Note: all other non-Tyrell/Martell houses that used to have Iron Bank no longer have Iron Bank ability.”
Note: all other non-Tyrell houses that used to have Iron Bank no longer have Iron Bank ability.

Thanks for writing this up.

Colin, I didnt know you were Snailman, sorry. I would have used you as a beta tester but I thought you didnt have a GOT anymore. Again sorry.


@Dwight should we add the spinner rules or wait until it has been released? Not sure if that will change anymore.

I noticed that it still seems to be the case that if you don’t complete Martell very quickly, it still seems that it scores pretty randomly. I saw the values for one set of Martell loop shots start at 16M, then “build” to 6M, and finally scored at 14M.

It seems like the only way to get truly increasing values - and lucrative ones at that too - is to make your orbit shots in very quick succession (usually 19M, 31M, 43M).

Any insight as to exactly how Martell scores if you’re not ripping through all three orbits quickly?

Only thing I can think of is did you test the orbits when they were multiplied and when they weren’t? Maybe the lower scores are from unmultiplied build shots?

These are unmultiplied base shot values; the behavior should be the same in the current “live” code too. Understandably you don’t score anything for the first two, but it weird to have a shot that claims “jackpot builds” to appear to reduce it.

I think in general there’s a strong hurry-up nature to the scoring, it just isn’t very transparent.