Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Hey all. Just an update on this bug. @timballs said it’ll be hard to do on location. I don’t quite believe that. I’ve reset my settings for a location experience…no free play…casual setting in place. And while casual setting will prevent it if you just press start, holding center button for advanced play will still trigger it. It’s way easier to do than HOTK and can be setup in just a couple minutes.

That all said; playing with the settings, the only thing I’ve found to keep this bug in check is reducing winter has come multiball ball saver from 20 to 10. I’ve tried 15 secs and can still get it going. 10 seems to be the sweet spot to keep it from going off. This sucks cause it gimps an already gimped house stark and even gimps Baratheon slightly as House Baratheon is a great house to do the winter stack.

Anyway, looks like this is the only fix until stern feels it needs to be addressed. The game is plagued with bugs and it’s just sad stern neglects it.


Thanks for the info Steve. Reducing ball save for that MB now.


I got the WHC and Wall MB stack in Baratheon House tonight at a location game. I then proceeded to focus on draining balls to keep them in the pops. Probably only hit 5 jackpots in multiball and ball save was only a minute or so; my question is: Even without the ball save are the jackpots worth it if you keep the MB stack going? My game ended at just over a billion.


Dann, I bet your moustache can break 2 Bill’s…


Yes because as it’s been shown above the base value of your jackpots can jump to upwards of 50 million. Combine that with shot and playfield multipliers, and it gets crazy.


Nah, moustache went down in the blackwater battle.

OH, also neglected the playfield multipliers. I’ll try again.


What does ‘power cycle’ mean? Thanks.


Turn the machine off, then turn it on again.


Dwight - Please build something into the rules that allows a TD to reset house selection status. Got stuck playing Stark in an event yesterday due to the machine selecting it (switch error somewhere). No points were given, but house was locked in. Just happened to me :frowning:

In talk with one of the TD’s they mentioned this was why in recent tournaments it was set to force everyone to play as Stark. This is a GREAT tournament game and this possibility seems to be a limiting reason on why it’s not used. Would love to see it used more and I think this could help.


The thing that fixed this for me was replacing the barrel spring on the outside of the shooter rod. It pulled the plunger tip back a little and allowed the ball to settle more deeply (instead of bouncing off the tip when fed into the lane, causing it to leave the shooter lane switch briefly).


Shouldn’t the TD have given you the option to play a fresh game in this instance?


Unfortunately I think this is a minor malfunction play on situation. Then if it keeps happening pull it or fix it.


Huh. I thought I read differently about a ruling at Pinburgh. I could be remembering wrong though, and it’s not an easy search term.


I may have it wrong, it’s been a while since i remember it being covered.


Maybe @bkerins or @ScoutPilgrim could clarify


Was this on a Premium or LE? I saw this happen on an LE, but I have never seen it happen on a Pro


It was on a Pro



I honestly wasn’t sure what the ruling was supposed to be but I trust the judgment of the person that made the call so if it was wrong then no hard feelings are present. Fortunately it didn’t impact me qualifying anyways. I saw this thread pop up and figured I’d make a post though as getting stuck in Stark while the rest of your group gets Martel or Tyrel puts you at a pretty big disadvantage. It sounded like this wasn’t all that uncommon and could be a reason why TD’s avoid the game which is a shame as it’s such a great tournament game strategy wise, so I figured I’d ask the question.

I’m not sure a fresh game would have been fair (it was discussed) as I would then know the final target score I needed before plunging ball 1. On GOT that would be a massive advantage.


Yep, still the same applies with what @jmg linked - you lose agency over a key decision in the game that everyone gets before they play and should be compensated for it.

If the issue continues, fix the offending switch. If that’s not doable take the game out, or swap to Novice Mode.

I can see JJPOTC characters being a bit more fuzzy, for reference.