Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Wink Wink, we know how to keep that 4x running for a long time, Wink Wink!


Ultimately, Baratheon, Lannister, And Stark really need to be either increased substantially or reworked so players actually want to play them against Martel/Tyrell/Greyjoy.
IMO, right now those houses are meaningless. (Hopefully someone can prove me wrong on that one).


If you’re a beast at wall multiball, I can see a SMALL argument Baratheon house. But agree on stark and Lannister especially when I found out my understanding of stark house advantage was wrong.


IMHO Martel has lost a lot of it’s luster. Yes, you get an add a ball but unless you blow up your multiball with that add a ball the other houses have greater potential. I’m only really feeling it’s advantage in HOTK now.

Lannister has the super easy super jackpot feature in it which almost feels more valuable than the add a ball to me now.

Starks WIC hurry up increase can be lucrative but only if you can multiple the collects.

Going to sound crazy but Tyrell feel like the house that my opponent could pick that I’d rather not play against. You can really blow up a lot of points with that house if done semi right.


Me as well. The stack is relatively easy to set up on location machines, but, on all the machines I play on I’ve been unable to gain the Blood Magic power of epic level ball save. I can’t gain the power even when playing with one hand. It has been fun trying though.


It must be as @LOTR_breath said, only works if game is set on free play. If so, seems like it could be an easy fix. I’ll test that theory later today.


Thanks Steve. Let us know. I have a tournament coming up and would be nice to be able to nerf that by just turning free play off.


So the default ball saver times for Wall multiball is 10 seconds, and winter has come multiball is 20 seconds. i.e. 30 seconds total. do you get that full 30 seconds again if you trigger add-a-ball? seems like it for this stack and maybe that should be nerfed, but…

I Just played it with it off of free play and it does seem to effect it DRAMATICALLY. I did trigger the add a ball and it did feel like my ball saver was longer than the 30 second add-a-ball ball saver. I was able to take advantage of the grace period for approx 15 seconds like this too. But, it was no 7 minute ball saver and definitely no 2 minute grace period. So this seems like the temp fix for sure.

All in all, that seems to be the fix until @timballs gets us a patch :slight_smile: bye bye 35 bil wall multiballs; i already reset my high score tables LOL :frowning: - Now if @timballs can sneak in a slight boost to Stark, Baratheon, & Lannister with this bug fix, that would be balls! Pun intended.

Tim - tell us you can do it! :smile: - easy code boosts would be:

  • Double (or triple?) Stark’s base WIC value
  • Increase Lannister gold collecting and allow Lannister to have a bonus X max of 35x
  • Baratheon: Either allow LOL once per ball (progressively harder to light each ball). Or, lighting wall multiball the second time around be easier like V or VI wheel turns instead of going to X like all the other houses. and then the 3rd time it would go to the default of X.



It’s fun to try to think of interesting house powers that would also fit the lore. Some terrible ideas:

  • Stark: Completing a Winter Is Coming hurry-up gives 2x scoring on that shot for the rest of the ball.
  • Lannister: Use the action button to spend gold to complete mode shots (how much? Would need to display on screen somewhere?)
  • Baratheon: I like multiple LOLs per game! Similar to early code, but make it progressively more difficult.

I know everyone has action button fatigue, but I think we can all agree that Iron Bank is lame!


Sweet. You just saved me a trip and futile attempt of duplicating your Blood Magic ball-save strat at the GOT Pro on location in Austin.
And I’m glad to know we don’t have to remove it as an arena from our league and monthly!


For one, double scoring for the mode that corresponds with your house. 750M for Stark without having to juggle PF X sounds tempting. As does a theoretical 3.75B.

  • Stark: WHC has a “revive” (similar to the Scared Stiff extenders) when you drain all but one ball.
  • Baratheon: Easier LOL for sure. Wasting your one LOL on a center drain suuuuuckkkksss.
  • Lannister: Uncapped bonus X. Unique mystery rewards too. Ability to purchase an award you can go into debt for, and if you can pay off your debt by the end of the ball, you get it.
  • I almost also hesitate to buff Tyrell as it’s pretty strong already, but having the extra +1x allow you to make a 6x combo shot would be nice. Probably restrict that award to your 3rd sword at least though.


Definitely. I mean you get it in HOTK, why not always?


Hey Tim, while you’re at it can you fix the most annoying bug in the game; when you shoot the dragon (or throne) playfield multiplier timer does not freeze. thanks! :slight_smile:


And it begins…


While your at it, make the 10 point switch near the Tyrell green targets worth 100,000,000 Points. :smirk::laughing:


Neither does the ball saver.


There’s still a big bug in here somewhere. I played as Greyjoy last night and did the stack having Baratheons power and while my ball saver time was approx a minute, my grace period ball saver time was about as long, if not longer. Unfortunately, I didn’t see what my wall multiball total was, but my final score was 18 bil; though I did complete iron throne. All done on ball 3…love them ball 3’s! :slight_smile:


Now I’ve got a GoT at home I’ve had a little play test (still glass on at this point)

As has already been confirmed, VM keeps increasing everytime it’s completed until power is turned off.
But, does it keep getting harder? I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t win at lvl 4, no matter how many times I play it.

I’m also in the process of compiling a list of Mystery Items and their costs, not because there’s much chance of specifically targeting a particular award, but just for completeness.

I also found the SJp bug (light SJp from Mystery, start BW MB then it’s lit for unlimited collects) also works for Light 3xSJp (5,000 Gold). However it stops working as soon as you light the Jp the ‘correct way’.


So the first time i took my game off free play, i couldnt get the infinite ball saver to trigger. However, playing it since - ive been able to do it 2 more times (and i wasnt actively trying to, i just happened to get the WHC/Wall stack). Once as Greyjoy and last night as Tyrell. Im guessing, and hunching that if there are credits in the game on power up, this may be part of the bug.

So if any location players feel free like spending a few extra bucks to get 10 billion points in less than 10 minutes; try putting in extra credits, then power cycle the game and see if it works.

Otherwise, since there was no mention of a fix in the stern of the union address; let’s just chalk this up to working as intended :wink: hehe


The SOTU also mentioned surprises may pop up. So we just might be getting a Laser War code update in the meantime too.