Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


You can collect swords with HOTK lit, and at least one will be available. More swords = bigger playfield multipliers.

It’s disappointing to me that now that Stern has gone all LED, the rules on lighting have changed. You have an extra ball in the bank or something good available (like swords)? Sorry, but the light show is way too important to show you those things all the time like we used to. The shoot again insert on GOT doesn’t even act consistently for the ball saver. Ball 1 starts with no flashing until the playfield is validated. Then it flashes until the ball saver runs out. Normal enough. Balls 2 and 3 may or may not start with the insert flashing before the playfield is even validated. I haven’t played the latest code, but I’m guessing that wasn’t fixed.


You can also light locks I believe. Hit down sets of drops to advance your spinner value too. Unless you’re planning on doing a super stack later, maybe start Wall multiball to allow yourself to at least get some more value and drop target sets down so that when you’re back in HOTK purgatory, your spinner is higher value and you can safely rip that for another billion or so before your third ball.


This is incorrect, I think.

On any ball, once any switch is hit, the ball save starts to flash. However, if you do not it any optos, rollover switches, or the ram, you have I believe 3 more switch hits until the ball saver actually starts to time out.

Now if you ever start ball 2,3,4, or 5 and the ball saver light is flashing with he ball in the shooter lane, that means you have just started your extra ball you’ve earned on the previous ball, but all the rules of my first paragraph still apply.

Also, if after locking a ball you manual plunge and avoid any roll overs, that same 4 switch rule in in effect if you happen to brick a couple shots and drain down the middle.

Once I learned all this, and that the theme song changes once the playfield was validated, I hardly ever pay attention to the ball saver light anymore.


(assuming you meant ball in shooter lane rather than trough)

Is this supposed to be helping me in some way? Doesn’t the display already tell me Shoot Again?

I suppose I should listen closer for the music to change, but I still don’t like the new (lack of) lighting rules.


Yes sorry. Edited to avoid more confusion.

“Is this supposed to be helping me in some way? Doesn’t the display already tell me Shoot Again?”

Yeah not sure about this one, just explaining why it does that. Now that I think of it, my Big Game and EBD does the same thing with the flashing shoot again and goes out once a switch is hit. Now, on those there’s no confusion because there is no ball saver.


Thank you. The flashing ball saver has always confused me into thinking I had a switch trip somewhere on the playfield while the ball was still in the shooter lane. At least now I know it’s not a malfunction.


Do these work like TWD multikills, where the better you play a mode the Sword you collect is worth more? I ask because the Sword values seem to be all over the place.


I don’t know what controls the Sword values, but that would be interesting, perhaps it is tied to mode performance. Someone get Dwight!


Funny. I emailed Dwight about this earlier today along with asking about the winter has come super jackpot value. I guess I’ll ask here too.

Are your four WIC hurry up values the determining factor for the base value of the WHC multiball super jackpot? If so, how do you light/collect the super jackpot in winter has come? This could be a huge scoring opportunity depending on that SJP value.


Just heard from Dwight. The swords are random based off their rarity. That’s why certain swords you see are awarded more often. Their point value is based off how rare they are, so the point value isn’t tied to anything you accomplished in the mode you played to unlock that sword.


I think swords are completely random. I can recall Greyjoy games where the first off-the-bat sword is Ice (11m). Equally as many crappy Widow’s Wails or Hearteaters. I’ve had some nice 100m+ Ice collections many times, so I’d like to know if there’s a variable behind it (besides “random()”). But as far as I can tell, they’re just random.

The WHC super jackpot should just be the sum of the 4 super jackpots earlier. I believe collecting it is just the same process in the Lieutenant mode. It just happens to be the “fifth” Lieutenant shot.


All those dingy Widow’s Wails… okay, that makes sense. :wink:


What I have been trying for the past couple weeks is see how high I could get my four WIC hurry ups that I collected to start WHC. I’ve gotten that total to over 350 million. But when in WHC, I feel like the SJP I got was only 100-150 million base value. Hmm. Very hard to tell as that mode is timed and nuts the whole time.

Could benefit from some clear audible cues to know when you’ve gotten past the first level and reached boss. Also maybe change the insert colors for the level you’re in.

It’s also hard to tell when you’ve collected the SJP as it is simply the third shot made, if quick enough, in Boss mode. Maybe after hitting the third shot in Boss have a roving SJP shot or just one shot lit on the playfield for a short period of time that you can collect.


Uh, is there anything in GoT’s scoring which can explain getting a score which is not divisible by 10? A player on our location just sent me a picture of a score of 82,822,895. It sure makes getting a match pretty difficult.


The pin’s CPU was “in its cups.” :grinning:


I think it’s an upper playfield Targaryen quirk (premium/LE). You can add about 10% of the hurry-up value, but apparently that 10% doesn’t round to the 10s.


The player could confirm that Targaryen was involved in the game in question, so this seems likely. Thanks!


So, again, I only play this game a few times a month for the Chicago selfie league. It seems to me the “perfect” HOTK setup is Lannister, Greyjoy, Targaryen(!), and Tyrell. I actually managed to set this up during finals (playing as Martell), and proceeded to make 9 shots (4 shots, ram, 4 shots). Wah wahhhhhhhh

Is that the golden setup? Or do people actually like using Stark? Obviously for most games, Stark probably comes into play instead of Targaryen.

I made way way WAY more points doing spinner-all-day (and got a Wall as well) with the spinner eventually being worth over 2.2M/spin waiting to drain since I lit HOTK on ball 1.


Stark lost it’s luster after the latest update :wink:


Considering for us mortals Targaryen is difficult to complete on a regular basis, I would replace that with Baratheon. Yes it requires more shots to get through each round to reach the hurry up, but much easier to get to HOTK in the first place. So it’s 15 shots instead of 9, but with Martell power that shouldn’t be all that much more difficult.