Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


@sk8ball - Sup with that 3 billion point hand of the king collect (in your latest video)? Is that a bug?

Also glad to see that I’m not crazy and there’s really no way to ‘beat’ Iron Throne, yet.


Nope, that’s the hurry- collected at 4x I believe? I think if you bring Stark into hotk then you have to waste time with “20 seconds of free shooting” before you can collect it. As far as Iron Throne once you beat all 7 houses (which you can do with 1 ball) you enter a victory lap type mode. But once you get down to 1 ball during that then the mode ends.


Having collected a ~4.6 billion shot at one point during HOTK, I’m quite sure what happened was I collected a multiplied SJP (225m x3), but then the whole multiplied value - 675m vs. the base 225m - got added to the hurryup jackpot. At that point, I had over a billion in the base hurryup, but then I had just started 4x along with the hurryup, hit it again immediately, and BAM!

In summation, you can re-multiply your SJPs in HOTK.


Is that really 1.23? Not a beta? Your Targarayan mode behaves a hell of a lot better than mine. Mine takes forever to actually show me the shots I should hit, and occasional traps me in purgatory. I think I’m on 1.22. Didn’t rush to upgrade cause I thought 1.23 was a pretty small update.


Change the adjustment “inactivity pauses timers” to no to help get through the Targaryen bug. If you are using Greyjoy you are screwed…


Added some new info, updated some info, did some bold-face organization, and added bits for the Premium and LE in. Upper playfield is a really nice addition, and can fit in quite well with strategy for the game (due to gaining time from lit targets and all the sweet, sweet advances).

Probably my favorite so far is getting a 3x 36m and a 3x 46m Lannister payout to complete the mode thanks to advances from the upper playfield.


Thanks. Any unintended side effects from setting “inactivity pauses timers” to No that you’ve discovered?


No it’s great so you can time out winter is coming :slightly_smiling:


@Dwight posted this to his blog today, not sure if there are any nuggets of info in there.


Looks a straight copy paste job, but did enjoy reading this interview from 2009.


All the eyeballs in the seven kingdoms will be grateful.

I’m surprised you can still see after enduring the blinding lights from your Wall MB and Winter Has Come stack.
New tourney attire required for GOT: sunglasses!


Pro requires sunglasses, Premium/LE require welding goggles. That would make for some fun tournament equipment. :wink:


Assuming letters go in those question marks, there’s only 676 possibilities for the next title after “G***********”…


Keith does this setting also affect combo multipliers? I’m most likely wrong, but it seems like the combo multiplier timers stop while the ball is in the pops.


The only thing it affects is WiC and targaryen hurry-ups which is where the T3 bug lurks


It might affect modes too. I’ve tried to time out and restart Greyjoy numerous times when I know I’m not gonna make the last shot in time, but Dwight learned a thing or two from Star Trek and the timer froze while the ball was cradled.


If you are timing out a mode then the mode sucks. Fix it rather than pause timers lol


How does Martell scoring work? I can’t seem to figure out what makes the ‘build jackpot’ max out. I thought it was time (shooting sooner builds it higher), but then I’ve sometimes seen it pretty high after waiting plenty of time before taking the first shot.


The short answer to that is: unless you hit your three loops relatively quickly, it doesn’t work.


Time (especially on the first shot) is a major factor in the buildup, with additional buildup from shooting the lit purple shots during the mode as a Greyjoy player/playing the upper playfield. I haven’t found the cap yet, but I’ve had Martell values as high as 65m.