G FUEL presents NYC Pinball Championships 2018


That was an exchange with someone on my long drive back home whose only awareness of the event was through me. (They aren’t a pinball person…yet.) I’d say the sponsorship was effective! :slight_smile:


The sponsorship went great - they provided us with support and product for all the players and spectators, and let us do our thing. They were a big part of making the event the success it was.


“They were instrumental in keeping us all running effectively because running a tournament is legit hard.” :wink:


That’s perfectly fine if you ask me. If you’re up front about your rules, no matter how much anyone might disagree with them, then no one can complain later.

Absolutely don’t like distractions? Don’t play the NYC Championships then. Simple.


“HEY! Can’t you see I’m PLAYIN’ HERE??!?!”


The game volumes were so low I could also hear the stream commentators while playing and the booth was 25 feet away. I for one enjoyed the live commentary and did not find it distracting.


I wasn’t bothered by it either. I had headphones on, but they were not loud and I could still hear the commentaries. It was terrific!


is the game volume being down on purpose not to have issues with licensed music on youtube?


We just kept them low in general. They weren’t off but nobody really had much of a reason to make them any louder. The only game we tried to turn off was Tommy because nobody needs to hear those sounds all day.



I think a simple solution is to adjust game volume a bit higher for Finals on Sunday, when fewer games are being played. Not much point in cranking games during qualifying as there’s 100 people there and it’ll just be a loud mess. But I think on Finals Sunday maybe it’s not a bad idea so players and crowd can hear the games.


Awesome. One of my favorite pinball memories was from Pinburgh 2014 tiebreakers for a first round bye. Trent, Jorian, JPW, and Keefer played tx sector with the volume pumped up louder than anything else in the room by far!


LOL that is an extremely fond memory for me as well! :wink:


Maybe stern can start putting headphone jacks in their machines.


Stern spending money on something to make their machines better? That’s crazy talk.


World famous rock fantasy walkthru!


Didn’t AC/DC have a headphone jack on the higher end models?


Not from Stern. Aftermarket only until Stern brought out the Spike era kit.


The kiss pro near me as a headphone jack on the board in the head.


My Ghostbusters has this too.


This just came up in recent memories today :slight_smile: