G FUEL presents NYC Pinball Championships 2018


Do you just have a bot that goes through the neverdrains.com/*/playerIndex.php urls waiting to get a new unique address that doesn’t 404?

David killin’ it!


Got it on the third guess :slight_smile:
Honestly I like the way they’re labeled. The easier they are for people to find the better. Not like they’re ruining any surprise game announcements or anything.


Just seeing this thread for the first time. Well done on sponsorship! Good luck to all the competitors - I’ll be watching on PAPATV :slight_smile:


Hope somebody captured video of KME’s 2B blowup of Iron Maiden!


Is this being streamed?


Not yet.


#whensthestream? :slight_smile:




(on the PAPApinball Youtube channel)


Giving a full game of practice , why ?


I was curious about this as well. Someone affiliated with the stream said in the chat, “This game was not in A division for qualifying, and IFPA rules allow a whole game practice on any new game added” but to my knowledge there’s nothing governing practice time in the IFPAPA rules; that’s up to the TD to structure, no?


I heard that in stream too, after I posted .


There was surprise in the room when the practice time was announced, too.

From the IFPA15 rules page:

“Each player will have the opportunity for 30 seconds of practice time before starting every game of every session. If you are in a session with an Epstein Cup competitor that played on one of the three machines chosen in that session, the other players in the group will get up to 1 complete game of practice if they choose, rather than just 30 seconds of practice before the tournament game starts.”


Thanks for that context, Megan!

To be clear, the IFPA 15 rules page is “the official operating rules and regulations of the event” IFPA 15 (emphasis mine), which is different from the PAPA/IFPA Tournament Rules that are recommended for all events. That’s where my confusion stemmed from; it’s not IFPAPA requiring that a complete game be played, it’s an event-specific rule that NYCPC seems to have borrowed and included in their operating rules as well. Am I getting that right?


Yes, that’s my understanding.


That is correct Zoe.


Congrats to the organizers and winners of this inaugural tournament. Had a great time and thought it went very smooth for a first time event. Location was great for tourist activities in between playing entries. I had a blast and would definitely return next year.

Great work guys.


Congratulations @bkerins !


Anyone know why the Pingraffix people are upset about the event?


That’s a great discussion for you to take to, and leave at, Pinside.