G FUEL presents NYC Pinball Championships 2018

Contact: Levi Nayman - neverbeefproductions@gmail.com
(917) 209-8523

2018 NYC Pinball Championships Announced by Never Beef Productions
Tournaments return championship pinball back to Big Apple for first time in decades

(New York, NY) - The 2018 New York City Pinball Championships (NYCPC), the first major pinball tournament in New York City since the 1990s, will take place on May 18-20 at the Skyline Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. The tournaments will include International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA)-sanctioned Open, Classics, and Womens’ tournaments, as well as a B Division contest for players ranked outside of the top 2,000 by the IFPA.

With the championships taking place on the 9th floor penthouse ballroom of the Skyline Hotel, players and spectators will enjoy stunning views of the midtown Manhattan skyline while taking part in an event showcasing competitive pinball at its highest level. Players will compete for a wide range of cash and prizes on diverse banks of pinball machines provided by some of the area’s top retailers, operators, private collectors, and pinball machine manufacturers.

A growing list of sponsors supporting NYCPC includes Jersey Jack Pinball, Stern Pinball, Jackbar, World Famous Rock Fantasy of Middletown, Crazy Levi’s Pinball, Brooklyn Pinball, and Brickhouse Projects.

Never Beef Productions consists of New York City pinball players Paul Caras, Levi Nayman, and Tim Sexton, and was formed to produce NYCPC in 2018 and beyond, as well as other pinball-related projects TBA. Never Beef Productions is assisted by Production Manager Austin Smith.

“As highly-ranked competitive pinball players, we’ve all grown accustomed to driving or even flying to cities and states across the country and the globe so we can compete at the highest level against other top players. With competitive pinball enjoying unprecedented growth in recent years, it became clear that New York City needed a major IFPA-sanctioned tournament of its own,” said Levi Nayman of Never Beef Productions.

“We can’t wait to bring world-class competitive pinball back to New York City. This great city deserves a great tournament,” added Tim Sexton of Never Beef Productions.

“This is a chance for the great pinball players of NYC to test their skills against the great players from around the world,” said Paul Caras of Never Beef Productions.

NYCPC has launched an official website at WWW.NYCPINBALLCHAMPS.COM. Players can register and find out more about the tournament, as well as view the official NYCPC teaser trailer.


Contact: Levi Nayman - neverbeefproductions@gmail.com

Discount Room Rate Announced, Women’s Tournament Finalized, B Division Eligibility Expanded

(New York, NY) - Never Beef Productions is proud to end 2017 with a trio of exciting announcements.
The discounted room block for attendees wishing to stay at the New York City Pinball Championships’ host venue - the fabulous Skyline Hotel - has been released. The discounted rate of $229 a night is among the best in the city for a quality room during the season, and gives attendees and their families a great reason to stay in New York City for a vacation along with the tournament. The discounted rate is available between May 17-21. Room quantity is limited, so attendees can book now through Never Beef Production’s Facebook page, www.nycpinballchamps.com, or at:
We are also pleased to announce the finalized details for the Women’s Division of the New York City Pinball Championships. Qualification for the Women’s Division will run simultaneously with the qualifying for the main tournament. No additional entries will need to be purchased. On Sunday, May 20, the top 8 women players will have a chance to compete for great prizes including a signed Jersey Jack Pinball playfield for the champ. There will be no conflict between the Women’s Division and the other divisions, so players can qualify and play in any of the other division finals without having to choose. More details can be found here: https://www.nycpinballchamps.com/tournament-info
Also, based upon overwhelming player feedback, we have greatly expanded eligibility for the B division tournament. B division will now be open to all players with an IFPA ranking of 500 or above, instead of the 2,000 ranking initially announced. This will give far more players who qualify in the top 48 an opportunity to play in a championship final at the NYCPC.
Get more information on the NYCPC by liking Never Beef Production’s Facebook page, or visit the event’s website at NYCPINBALLCHAMPS.COM to view our event trailer, book a room, see a list of registered players, and more. It’s a new year and a new championship-class pinball event in 2018 - the New York City Pinball Championships. More news will be forthcoming in 2018.


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This should be a lot of fun. Gives me an excuse to check out NYC as well


Contact: Levi Nayman - neverbeefproductions@gmail.com
(917) 209-8523

Player Cap, Women’s Tournament Changes, and T-shirt Designs Announced
Players should register now to guarantee one of 50 remaining spots

(New York, NY) - Due to extraordinary player response and registration for the upcoming New York City Pinball Championships (NYCPC), to be held in Manhattan May 18-20, Never Beef Productions (NBP) today announced a player cap of 140 people for the inaugural edition of New York’s premier pinball tournament. A cap of 140 registered players is being instituted immediately, with a waiting list to be established for players to claim vacated spots.

“We really want every professional pinball player on Earth to be able to participate in what’s shaping up to be a spectacular event, but due to the overwhelming response we have decided to cap this in our first year of the NYCPC,” said NBP Production Manager Austin Smith. “With about 50 spots left, we think the event will fill up soon,” Smith added.

Players can register and also book an event rate room at the Skyline Hotel through the NYCPC official website at WWW.NYCPINBALLCHAMPS.COM.

After carefully considering player and community feedback, the Never Beef Productions team is excited to announce the following changes to the women’s tournament at the NYC Pinball Championships. Women’s tournament qualifying will now be played on a dedicated game bank of four machines. Women’s finals will take place Saturday night at 9:30 pm on the same bank of games. Top 8 qualifiers will have a chance to battle it out for the chance to become the inaugural NYC Pinball Championships Women’s Division champion!

The change means short lines for players vying for the Women’s title, as well as guaranteed cash payouts for all finalists along with other prizes including a signed Jersey Jack Pinball playfield. The separate women’s bank reflects a general trend in pinball tournaments, including top events including Pittsburgh Pinball Open and It Never Drains in Southern California.

NBP is also proud to unveil the official NYCPC t-shirt design. This shirt is available at a discount for registering players, and will also be available on site. The shirt will be available on black or blue material, and will also be offered in women’s sizes. The shirt was designed by Brooklyn-based artist Justin Sanz, whose work appears in the collections of the Library of Congress, The New York Public Library, The Spencer Museum, and various private collections.


Spots are going fast gang, we are down to 20-something left. Sign up or end up in wait-list purgatory!!!

Thank you all for the astounding response! We are now SOLD OUT (at 140) but now is the time to get in early on the waitlist. No $ required for the wait list. Sign up now for the wait list and let the world know how big a NYC tournament can be! Wait list link here:

Registered player list is here:

Anybody need a roomate? I’ve got the Skyline booked for three nights, after taxes and fees it’s $800. A little more than I’d like to spend, but looking around the area, apparently that is lower than anything else. If someone wants to room with me (I got a room with two queens), that would cut it down to just $400 each. Please let me know!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in just a few short weeks!


G FUEL Energy Drink Joins NYCPC Team as Executive Producer
Sugar-Free Energy Drink to Fuel New York City Championships

(New York, NY) - Never Beef Productions (NBP) is excited to announce that G FUEL Energy Formula, a powdered energy drink, is joining our team as the exclusive Executive Producer of the New York City Pinball Championships (NYCPC). G FUEL has become synonymous with eSports, sponsoring Major League Gaming’s Call of Duty Championships tournament, the HALO World Championship, and many of eSport’s top events, competitors and streamers. G FUEL’s line of sugar-free energy drinks has quickly gained a large following among gamers since the product’s launch in 2012, giving players the energy, focus, endurance, and hydration they need without the jitters and crash that accompany canned sugared beverages.
The partnership allows for a major expansion of the NYCPC in 2018 and beyond and will help expand the audience for top level competitive pinball.
“G FUEL joining the NYCPC team is a major, major boom, equivalent to a double super jackpot with 4X playfield scoring,” said NBP’s Levi Nayman. “Their product is awesome, and their experience in eSports tournaments and streaming brings tournament pinball to a higher level than anybody thought was possible.”
“Together, G FUEL, NBP, and the NYCPC are changing the game and launching the next era of pinball as a high-level competitive eSport, presenting the world under glass in spectacular fashion. This partnership will help dynamically expand the NYCPC now and in the future,” said NBP’s Tim Sexton.
“We are excited to support the New York City Pinball Championship and bring our experience to help them expand in the coming years. This continues G Fuel’s commitment to be everywhere that gaming is,” said Cliff Morgan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of G FUEL.
As part of the sponsorship, G FUEL will provide every registered NYCPC competitor with a free G FUEL shaker cup and plenty of G FUEL stick packs to power them through the tournament.
For more about G FUEL visit their web site at http://www.gfuel.com. In addition, for viewers at home, there will be special coupon codes presented during the live coverage of the NYCPC at the PAPA TV youTube channel.

G Fuel Presents the New York City Pinball Championships will be held May 18-20, at the Skyline Hotel at 725 10th Avenue in Manhattan. Over 150 of the world’s top players will compete for the title of New York City Pinball Champion. Spectator tickets will be available for $10 at the door on May 20, Championship Sunday, with all proceeds benefiting the Project Pinball charity.

Purchase Spectator and Raffle Tickets for Championship Sunday, May 20, here!

This event is going to rule.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 14, 2018 Contact: Levi Nayman -neverbeefproductions@gmail.com (917) 209-8523
www.nycpinballchamps.com 2018 NYC Pinball Championships Bring Together World’s Top Players This Weekend (New York, NY) - G FUEL presents the 2018 New York City Pinball Championships (NYCPC), the first major pinball tournament in New York City since the 1990s, will take place this weekend on May 18-20 at the Skyline Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Organizers Never Beef Productions will transform the 9th floor penthouse ballroom of the Skyline Hotel into a dream game room arena of flashing lights, buzzers, bells, and hot mechanical action, with 30 machines ranging from electromechanical classics of the 1970s to the latest state-of-the-art high-tech releases from 2018.
The tournaments will bring together over 150 of the world’s top players – including current International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) #1-ranked player in the world Raymond Davidson and legendary champions including Keith Elwin, Bowen Kerins and Lyman Sheats – to battle for thousands of dollars in cash and prizes and the title of New York City Pinball Champion.
A year in the making, the NYCPC has gained unprecedented sponsor support, including partnerships with G FUEL energy drink and the world’s two largest pinball manufacturers, Jersey Jack Pinball and Stern Pinball. A partnership with the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) brings a first-class eSports streaming rig and production team to the event, so gaming fans from across the world can watch the NYCPC live and after this titanic pinball showdown on the PAPA TV Youtube channel.
The tournament was developed and launched by Never Beef Productions (NBP) – Paul Caras, Levi Nayman, and Tim Sexton, with assistance from Production Manager Austin Smith.
“NYCPC has a worldwide reach, the best players, top-rate streaming, and with the help of our partners, a bright future of expansion in 2019 and beyond,” said Levi Nayman of NBP.
The NYCPC is open to the public on Championship Sunday, May 20, with $10 tickets sold at the door. All proceeds will benefit Project Pinball, a non-profit charity that places pinball machines in area children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. Spectators will watch the action on a large projection screen, with live commentary and updates designed to provide an engrossing experience not just for seasoned tournament pinball fans, but those experiencing the spectacle of live pinball for the first time. What: G FUEL Presents the New York City Pinball Championships (NYCPC) Where: Skyline Hotel Ballroom – 725 10th Ave. @ 49th St., New York, New York. When: Open to the public on Championship Sunday, May 20. Doors open at 10 am, with main event final rounds running from approx. 2 pm- 7 pm. The Full tournament runs May 18-20, 2018.
How: On May 20, $10 tickets will be available at the door, benefiting Project Pinball, a non-profit charity placing pinball machines in children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. Seating, a bar, and commentary and a large projection viewing screen will be provided for spectators. Tickets can also be bought now at http://projectpinball.org/events/new-york-city-pinball-championship-2018/ and each ticket enters spectators in raffles for pinball-related prizes.

Game list - subject to change:

-Top Score
-King Pin Gtb
-Williams Grand Prix
-Old Chicago

Iron Maiden
Iron man
Dialed In
Time Fantasy

Black Pyramid
Stern KISS

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Here’s a thought experiment… what if you made the Aerosmith the friendliest Aerosmith in town… liberal tilt, closed outlanes, normal software settings. It’d be so strange to actually have an enjoyable tournament game of Aerosmith…


interesting idea!
I think it’ll be meaner than most but not unplayable, but not really my department. As an aside I thought the Aero in pinburgh last year really wasn’t that beefy. But Maybe i was just lucky and my one game on it was a good one.

Buffalo also had a fair one in the circuit event last year.

Super stoked about this lineup, I can’t freakin wait for Friday.


anything better than Circuit finals right? :slight_smile:


That same Aerobeef made an appearance at Allentown tournament last year.

It’s pretty simple - take all the posts out of a Stern and it’s gonna play like murder and the balance will shift more towards luck and away from skill. Whether or not this is a good idea for these tournaments is a matter of opinion.

Wait what no Pin MAME? :confused:

It’s a bad idea!


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