FSPA Preplay Banking Clarification

I’m hoping I can get clarification on the new Preplay Banking portion of the FSPA rules. I like the banking option much better than the dated + undated and have decided to institute that in our league.

We allow 2 weeks of preplay (8 games total), so I’m sure most people will submit all 8 games at the same time.

The question becomes, which scores do I use first? Do we take them in order of play or maybe highest score first?

I can’t seem to find that in the rules, so my assumption is as the league official I can do whatever I want? :grinning:


It’s actually covered in rule 9.3:

If multiple scores are submitted for a machine, scores must be clearly labelled as “#1”, “#2”, etc, and this numbering must reflect the order in which the scores were recorded. On league night, these scores will be applied in order.

Definitely not highest score first; that would provide players the possibility of getting multiple tries on a game and using their best result, which of course isn’t allowed during regular league play! You never want preplayers to have an advantage over players who attend the match in person.

And thanks for the reminder that I never removed the “unapproved draft” tagging from those new rules…

Thanks Joe. I don’t know how I missed that in section 9.3.