FSPA League Manager

I wanted to help draw attention to the FSPA League Manager. If you are looking for a good, free place to start up a pinball league, Joe Schober has created a very useful tool to help you along the way. Spread the word and help get more pinball leagues up and running!



…and it keeps getting better! Joe is a very modest guy. I am not so I will cheer-lead for him. He is constantly improving the software including a recent major update that allows for players to enter their own scores as well as a slew of other features. I have turned a couple new leagues onto it and everyone loves it for its ease of use and amazing statistics that are recorded and kept for the entire lifetime of your league. It also supports multiple formats such as PPL multi-location and FSPA single location. Give it a try!


Absolutely! Joe has created a really great platform for running leagues. Use with confidence.
Plus, he’s a really nice guy and very responsive to questions, requests, etc.

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Yep, ClPL has been using this league manager for 6 seasons now and I also highly recommend. The badges system is really fun, so much that we’re planning on making real versions of them (as buttons) for the players!

Question for @joe: Can you explain how to set things up so that players can input their own scores? I read through the user guide, but I’m still not totally clear on how this feature is implemented. Would like to be comfortable with it before I feel confident introducing it to our next season. Thanks!

Thanks, everyone, I appreciate the kind words! :slightly_smiling:

@ClevelandPinball, I’ll ping you privately with info…


Whoa… Players can input their own scores from their mobile devices during the session?? Tell me more!

Only think lacking is a standing number. With 200 players in a single list after week one of this seasons NEPL it’s hard to know what place you are in:)

That’s just a config option if you want it.

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Didn’t realize that! Sweet!

Hmmm where is that?

Just send me a support request at help@league.papa.org so I have it on record. There’s no user-facing UI to change the columns in the Overall Standings, but I can easily do it on the back-end. (Although I probably SHOULD add a front-end UI for this particular option, as lots of leagues go back and forth about whether they want those ranking numbers or not…)

Done and done :slight_smile:

@joe … a question about the FSPA Grouping Thingy (how to assign which groups to which pins)

We have a dozen pins at our league (depending on if a malfunction crops up, or the KISS Gene head opto doesn’t work, lol). I want to use the “10-13 Machines Optimized” to assign pins.

What do the “BK1,” “sott(4),” etc. headers mean?

Those were various attempts at “optimizing” the game assignments to keep league moving along as quickly/smoothly as possible. Each column has three letters, that correspond to a set of game assignments using that algorithm. IMHO, this sort of pre-optimization is impossible without having additional data like average machine game duration, number of people in each group, etc.

Personally, I’d skip all that. The League Manager software has a button labeled “Shuffle Machines” on the scoresheet editor form. You can assign the game #1 picks for each group in the software, then hit Shuffle Machines, and it will randomize all the machine assignments for you instantly. And when you click the button, it first gives you the opportunity to remove any machines from the pool just for that meet, in case Gene is acting up again. :slightly_smiling:

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Thank you Joe from the Dominion Pinball League.
We use the FSPA software and love it.
Your a nice guy as well!

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Props here as well. Cactus Jack’s quarterly league has been using Joe’s software with great success. As nice as the software is, the timely and gracious support from Joe is even better! The metrics are outstanding, and the badges are terrific fun!

Thanks, Joe!


Joe’s FSPA League Manager rocks-- and Joe’s fast and concise support has been a boon to our new Asylum Inmates League.


Thanks folks! :slight_smile:

Just a reminder to any league officials out there… the system supports many league formats, not just leagues using the FSPA ruleset! (Maybe someday I’ll come up with a better name… naming things is not my forte. :smiley: ) So if your league is looking for great scorekeeping/stats software, please drop me a line, I’m happy to work with you! Ditto if you don’t have a league yet and are trying to figure out how to get one started.


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