So I had to play some Frankenstein recently. (WHO AM I???) XD

Is there any way to feed the ball to the upper right flipper other than shooting the left orbit through the pops? Is there a magnet or anything to assist a feed to that upper flipper?

Taking shots at supers in the ice cave, or the sarcophagus seemed pretty tough given that the only feed I could find was combo-ing through the pops.

I really felt like I was missing some key component of the game.

Also, what are the rules for adding geneva letters? Is it only after a right inlane to scoop combo? Or are there other ways to progress toward geneva multiball?

lastly, is there a cap on the geneva jackpot value?


I think you’ve got it for both Sarcophagus and Geneva. Feeding that shot is a royal pain. I recall that if I really needed that shot I might go for a right-orbit miss and have it rattle around for the upper flipper shot, or maybe get a carom off the center bank of targets.

I’m pretty sure that more often than not the right orbit should be feeding the upper right flipper. There’s a diverter back there (according to manual looks like coil 14) that should be feeding it.

I don’t think that shot chatters as much as everyone thinks.

The right orbit should divert to the upper flipper when Ice Cave is lit. On first Geneva shooting either left or right orbit should light the scoop for a Geneva letter. After you’ve played your first Geneva MB, only the left orbit will light scoop for a letter.