Frankenstein - Pro Tips

Hey guys,

Farsight is now looking for some pro tips for Frankenstein.

Feel free to email me or post to this thread if you want to share any tips, as well as whether you want to be credited for those tips on the game or prefer to be anonymous.


Always choose Edgar Winter Group music.


Plunge quickly. Skill shot gets harder if you wait.

Right ramp fest to relight multiball.
Dropped out of multiball? It’s back to the ramp!

More detail on this:

At the beginning of the skill shot, it always goes up in a deterministic pattern from 5 million to 20? million. You can easily time when to flick the launch during this initial pattern. If you wait too long, it gets random-ish and is much harder to get the 20? million.

This is one of the rare machines where being ready to go immediately upon the previous player draining is important.

20M is indeed the best skill shot, and as @unsmith notes, it cycles quickly but steadily: 5M - 10M - 15M - 20M when each player’s turn starts. Once it cycles past 20M, it jumps around pretty randomly. Launching when none of the awards is lit gives a paltry 1M.

I generally agree with @Snailman that right ramp multiball is the way to go. However, if your machine makes it hard to shoot the right ramp, or if you’ve already played a multiball or two (it gets considerably harder to start each time), modes can definitely be lucrative. With the ball on the left flipper, shooting North Pole -> Geneva scoop combos can be useful. The North Pole shot will spot FRANKENSTEIN letters towards starting the next mode, and the right inlane -> Geneva scoop spots GENEVA letters towards the next Geneva Multiball (which is nice but not as lucrative as the right ramp multiball). On most machines, the kickout from the Geneva scoop is easily catchable on the left flipper, and you can just repeat until you start a mode or Geneva multiball. The modes are generally valuable enough to be worth playing.

Overall, a fairly fun and underrated game!

just make sure they don’t have an EB!


Data East Star Wars is another one, because you can quick fire on balls 2 and 3 and get the skill shot.

Geneva Multiball is the original definition of woodchopping.


During any mode besides Creature Feature and Light Extra Ball, starting either multiball will end the mode instantly, award a ton of points, and reward the CREATION letter for the mode. This is the preferred way to handle modes like Voltage and Lynch Justine.