Flippers Fall Pinball Bash - PAPA Circuit

Main Bank Pic - They ready…

  • Games subject to change:
    Tron LE
    Star Trek LE
    Kiss LE
    Metallica LE
    Elvis LE
    Ghostbusters LE
    Wheel of Fortune
    Fish Tales
    Demo Man
    Elvira Party Monsters
    Monster Bash
    Flash Gordon
    Bally Star Trek

6 Games for Classics TBA


is there going to be a link to standings?

Main standings (although site appears to be down currently)

Classic standings

Depending on the internet speed from the site there could be multiple streamers. Ill add them here when on get on-site and determine who’s streaming.

Looks great. Is this in the remodeled room on the left side of the building? I didn’t realize pins were going in there, thought it was just lazer tag. Really looking forward to this event!

www.twitch.tv/pinballr will be streaming


Any ideas when?

Still working out some kinks but should be in next hour or so

A Finals

B Finals

Not sure if internet will be good enough to stream yet.

stream it anyways!


Congratulations to @timballs who faced some hard competition to come away with the win!


The internet service went down to nothing at times on Saturday so no streaming happened Sunday. Flippers’ manager had their internet provider out on Saturday but it wasn’t a local problem. We’re researching how to preserve and guarantee good service in the future. Much appreciation to pinballr/Mr. Kyle for the nice setup and streams on Saturday.


The lazer tag is partially in what used to be an adjacent space in the building. It is reconfigured with pins in the main room and back room as before, all the arcades moved to the smaller middle room, and the ticket games up front. It is a really nice setup with brand new arcade carpet (no more vinyl tile floor!) and also with recessed lighting positioned well back from the games.

final results with pending from IFPA for submission

1,Tim Sexton,19611
2,Jason Werdrick,26
3,Levi Nayman,14564
4,Pete Hendricks,3202
5,Aleksander Kaczmarczyk,33033
6,Steven Bowden,166
7,Trent Augenstein,10
8,Francesco La Rocca,7936
9,Bob Matthews,3723
10,Kevin Kuntz,19294
11,Drew Cedolia,45
12,Tony Pierce,17540
13,Shannon Stafford,34953
14,Kevin Stone,11314
15,Andrew Pancoast,14752
16,Robert DeStasio,37786
17,Malik Berger,26904
18,Justin bath,433
19,Mike Lukianoff,14764
20,Chris Sterner,19292
21,James Proffitt,43394
22,Sunshine Bon,19555
23,Chris Compton,7476
24,Bayless Rutherford,7935
25,Tyler Wilkin,20872
26,David Pacileo,11845
27,Joe Geneau,18600
28,Andrew OConnor,15689
29,Robert Peters
30,Matt Senfield
31,Eric Destasio,37741
32,Chris Senfield
33,Jake Kolojejchick,7518
34,Sean Bueter,44735
35,Bryce Flint-Somerville,39463
36,David Klionsky,18871
37,Kevin Shanus,23705
38,Daniel Purdy
39,Scott Durfee,26903
40,Erin Kelly,7524
41,Warren Roy,20467
42,Jeff McElhannon,26905
43,Howard Dobson,38842
44,David Kyle,26427
45,Max Baskin,42754
46,Bryan Butler NC,19351
47,Nathaniel Gibson,22319
48,Dan Larson,43580
49,Scott Sikora,38250
50,Ovid Dillard,45678
51,Clark Fraley,28979
52,Dan OConnor,15268
53,John Bowes,16274
54,Matt DeWorken,46971
55,Audrey Bonsignore,22388
56,Rob Thomas MD,17477
57,Lauren Emmel,18603
58,Brad Deshong,38845
59,Charlie Bucks,2303
60,Dennis Vallone,21813
61,Keith Brown,14753
62,Mark Haislip,34341
63,Laura Fraley,37754
64,Asa Cooney,19027
65,Katie Rosier,11293
66,Anne Gibson,22913
67,Steve Stakem,22668
68,Deborah Tahlman,40874
69,Angela Pecora,41203
70,Logan Haislip,34342
71,Josh McFall,39172
72,Kevin Bowman NC,14942
73,Bob Huffman,39173
74,Lee Moscaritolo,3430
75,Justin Semke,42147
76,Joan McCool,39186
77,Tom Somerville,46414
78,Zach Schroeder,29841
79,David Demas,19029
80,Robin Gallagher
81,Brian Lovingood,


1 Tim Sexton
2 Jason Werdrick
3 Levi Nayman
4 Pete Hendricks
5 Aleksander Kaczmarczyk
6 Steven Bowden
7 Trent Augenstein
8 Francesco La Rocca
9 Bob Matthews
10 Kevin Kuntz
11 Drew Cedolia
12 Tony Pierce
13 Shannon Stafford
14 Kevin Stone
15 Andrew Pancoast
16 Robert DeStasio
17 Malik Berger
18 Justin Bath
19 Mike Lukianoff
20 Chris Sterner
21 james proffitt
22 Sunshine Bon
23 Chris Compton
24 Bayless Rutherford
25 Tyler Wilkin
26 David Pacileo
27 Joe Geneau
28 Andrew OConnor
29 Robert Peters
30 Matt Senfield
31 Eric Destasio
32 Chris Senfield
33 Jake Kolojejchick
34 Sean Bueter
35 bryce flint-somerville
36 David Klionsky
37 Kevin Shanus
38 Daniel Purdy
39 Scott Durfee
40 Erin Kelly
41 Warren Roy
42 Jeff McElhannon
43 Howard Dobson
44 David Kyle
45 Max Baskin
46 Bryan Butler NC
47 Nathaniel Gibson
48 Dan Larson
49 Scott Sikora
50 Ovid Dillard
51 Clark Fraley
52 Dan OConnor
53 John Bowes
54 Matt DeWorken
55 Audrey Bonsignore
56 Rob Thomas MD
57 Lauren Emmel
58 Brad Deshong
59 Charlie Bucks
60 Dennis Vallone
61 Keith Brown
62 mark haislip
63 Laura Fraley
64 Asa Cooney
65 Katie Rosier
66 Anne Gibson
67 Steve Stakem
68 Deborah Tahlman
69 Angela Pecora
70 logan haislip
71 Josh McFall
72 Kevin Bowman NC
73 Bob Huffman
74 Lee Moscaritolo
75 Justin Semke
76 Joan McCool
77 Tom Somerville
78 Zach Schroeder
79 David Demas
80 Robin Gallagher
81 Brian Lovingood

Wanted to personally thank everyone who volunteered , played and was a part of the PAPA circuit event at flippers . It was our first time being a part of the circuit and hope everyone had a good time. Would like to get feedback on every aspect of the tournament to make the next one even better.
Here is a few bullet points for next year.
-We will up the qualifying of games from 8 to 10 to maximize TGP on IFPA sorry for that.

  • will make the semi final and final rounds best of 5
    -will move classics finals to start right after qualifying ends , ended late on Saturday night when we had to comeback to place early Sunday morning.

These are just a few of changes and look forward to next time. Would enjoy thoughts from those in attendance .


whoa, that sounds like a whole lot of games? If you take top 24 into the finals pretty, even with 3 games per round, you already get 88% TGP with 12 4players games so it’s hard not to get 100% TGP nowadays :slight_smile:

We did not do the normal papa 4 player 4-2-1-0 games it was a head to head best of three .

8 games qualifying = 32%
16 hours unlimited qualifying = 16%
Finals - Top 24 - best of 3, head2head, single elimination = 11 games = 44%

Total was 92% . We hope to be fortunate to run another PAPA event next year at Flippers and if so we’ll make some slight adjustments to get 100%.

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the 2nd part may make it 100% because you will be extending the expected path to victory [quote=“ZenTron, post:18, topic:2163”]
Finals - Top 24 - best of 3, head2head, single elimination = 11 games = 44%

IFPA TGP guide says a best-of-5 bracket for 4 players (which would be semi-finals and finals) would be 8 games toward TGP or 32%

I’m assuming that the 11 games in a 24-person bracket come from 4 rounds where the expected number of games is 2.5 (assuming each game is 50/50 then half of games will be resolved in 3 games and half will be resolved in 2 games.) plus you get something for the first bye round… maybe 1.25 games? rounded down? that makes 11?

So maybe if you do the best-of-5 rounds it is 5+8 games towards TGP bringing it to 52% TGP?

You assume correctly. 2.5*4+1.25=11.25 games, rounded down to 11.

Expanding just the semi-finals and finals to best-of-5 games won’t increase the TGP. For brackets with an inconsistent number of games in each round, the minimum number of games in a round is used to calculate TGP.

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