Flipout 2018 at Pinball Expo

Flipout 2018 will be at the Westin on the original dates of Pinball Expo. Oct 18-21.

Format is the same as last year with seeding on Thursday and the B bracket starting Friday morning.

This year we will be using Never Drains queueing system for classics AND Thursday seeding in the main. #ABL

I recommend getting there early Thursday to make sure you get all your seeding games in.

We are a Stern Pro Circuit tournament this year. Hope everyone can make it again this year!

As usual the A division champion will get a new Stern pinball!

Questions and comments contact Trent at trent@midohio.net.


2018 Pinball Expo Flip-OUT!
October 18-21, 2018 at Chicago Pinball Expo

Welcome one and all to another exciting year of Pinball Expo’s Pinball Flip-Out! brought to you by Tilt Amusements, Stern Pinball & Neverdrains.com!
A STERN Circuit Event!

As always featuring a Main tournament with A and B divisions, as well as Classics (Herb style-qualifying). Everyone registered for the Main Tournament plays in the finals! This year we will be using the queuing and SMS system from Neverdrains.com. And, as always, the winner gets to take home A STERN PINBALL MACHINE used in the tournament!

Registration for Main and Classic opens at 10am Thurs. Players MUST report in to the Tournament Registration desk NO LATER than 11:59pm on Thursday in order to participate in Main Tournament.

Entry fee is $125. Entry this year includes 3-day exhibit hall pass for Pinball Expo!

-A and B divisions
-12 seeding entries per person; top score on 6 of the 9 machines will count toward seeding.
-Thursday is for seeding only; every player qualifies for the main event!
-If you decide not to seed, you will be randomly placed at the bottom of your division bracket
-Top 40% of field plus A-restricted players (WPPR rank 1-250 or by tournament direction’s discretion) will be placed in A, bottom 60% into B; Winner of B division finals gets the last spot in A finals
-Every 8 spots in seeding gets you another bye
-“A” finals start as soon as B finals finish, no sooner than Saturday morning
-Finals are head-to-head, double elimination; matches are best 2 out of 3 in winners and losers bracket
-Top 32 in A finals are in the money. Top 16 in B.
-Bounty prize: Most matches won in A and B - $100 each

-Herb style qualifying, unlimited entries
-$10 for 3 entries.
-All machines count toward qualifying
-Top 16 scorers qualify, all in the money
-Finals head-to-head, double elimination; matches best 2 out of 3 in winners and losers bracket

Registration for Main open 10am-11:59pm
Main Tournament Seeding 10am-1am
Classics Qualifying 10am-1am

Main B Division Finals start 9am
Classics Qualifying 9am-1am

Main A Division Finals start after B finals finish
Classics Qualifying 9am-11pm

Main A Division Finals final matches begin 9am
Classics Finals 8am

-Check bracket for match times.
-5 minutes grace time or you forfeit your match if a TD has not heard from you.

1st $4500 plus pot % OR Stern Pinball Machine
2nd $1500
3rd $1000
4th $750
5th-8th $400
9th -16th $150
17th -32nd $75

1st $500 and last spot in A Division
2nd $250
3rd $200
4th $150
5th-8th $75
9th -16th $40

-Bounty prize: Most matches won in A and B - $100 each

1st $750
2nd $500
3rd $300
4th $150
5th-8th $100
9th -16th $75
17th -32nd $40

Over $10,000 in cash and prizes!


Sponsored by Tilt Amusements and Stern Pinball and Neverdrains.com
Any questions email: trent@midohio.net
Call Tilt Amusements for all your Stern pinball needs. 740-803-2276

@trent: I’m pretty sure that’s a typo for the Classics winner prize including “last spot in A Division” due to copy/pasting of B DIVISION text. Correct?

Good luck with the tourney!

Will there be any streaming of the finals this year – from dedicated streaming equipment, and not from @FunWithBonus’s steady hand and Facebook live stream :wink:

Corrected. Thanks!

Not sure yet if there will be streaming.