Flipout 2015

Flipout 2015 info.


Taking 128 qualifyers in main this year.
Qualifying will run Thurs 10-midnight and Friday 10am til 2am.
Every 8 qualifying spots there will be a bye. 15 byes possible!

Finals will start at 8am on Saturday morning. Starting times for your match will be posted.

Bracket is here:

There will be a $30 registration fee this year.

Winners side is best of 3. Losers side will be best of one until there are 32 people remaining.

Classics will run the same as it always has. So if you get bumped out early in Main you can play in Classics.

Here is a rough draft of the bracket.

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A fifteen round bye? Fifteen???!!!

This bracket is eight parallel Circuit Finals with best-of-threes, with losers playing in eight more parallel circuit finals.

Better hope nothing plays long if you want to get done in two days :smile:

Wow sweet - then I think I can make the finals :smile:
So since qualifying it is still HERB style you will pay for those entries but do you only pay the $30 for the finals? or do you pay $30 up front and get some entries as part of that?

Looking forward to this!

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Then what are the qualifying hours Saturday for Classics?

The $30 is for everyone and 100% goes into the prize pool.

Saturday qualifying for Classics is 9am-11pm

Entries are still $10 for 3.

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I think they want to know if you have to pay more for entries

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I suggest you not allow people to wait on specific machines like in the past … it’ll take long enough as it is.


That will make the line for the bathroom at “opportunistic times” a long one :smile:

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People will be allowed to wait up to 2 deep. I will have sign up boards for each game.