Fish Tales captive ball award question (EB)

Embarrassingly I commented in that thread.


So if you are a TD running a tournament with Fish Tales in the lineup, do you remove it?

It’s fine for my needs, and I don’t have a problem including it.

The frequency and severity of the bugs is low, when you compare them with NGG or Getaway.

This extra ball problem, if it in fact exists, affects everyone the same way. The lack of bonus collect appears to be fairly rare. I’ve only seen it once in about a year – doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened more than that, of course.

I have no idea what the “captive ball/boat points don’t count” problem is. Is it that the 1M, 2M, etc. points never count? Sometimes don’t count? And is there more to it?

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I use Fish Tales if it’s in the line-up at wherever I’m holding my weekly tournament, but I wouldn’t seek out or accept a Fish Tales if I was putting together a major tournament bank, I’ll put it that way.

now that explains something that has been bugging me for yeares!

Black Rose Bros <3

I observed this during our weekly where I hit the captive ball and was awarded no points. I got the Hold Bonus award, but I wasn’t credited for the Gear points.

Led to a fun “oh, Fish Tales” moment.

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It only gives grab your gear awards if you don’t have anything lit at the ball right?

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That’s my understanding of the expected behavior, but now I’m wondering if I’ve seen the animation in addition to the captive ball award…maybe that’s when the points don’t actually count?

It shows the award, followed by the points award.

Maybe it’s a display bug?

I did some testing tonight. I’ll post the results when I get home later. The details might surprise you!

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New information, my favorite! I’ll be waiting at the bar of knowledge…

Here’s what I found:

Rev L-4

Tournament Mode was in fact responsible for disabling the captive ball award (for whatever reason). @ryanwanger was correct.
The video mode extra ball is definitely still available when Tournament Mode is on, assuming EBs are on.

Here are the values that the captive ball actually awards when each value is lit:

A. 500,000 and hold bonus (display and playfield show 1 million)
B. 1 million and light video mode (display and playfield show 2 million)
C. 2 million and start Rock the Boat (display and playfield show 3 million)
D. 3 million and no extra ball lit (display and playfield show 5 million)
E. 5 million and instant multiball (display and playfield show 10 million)

I did not test unlit captive ball awards. The points there are apparently affected by the highest completed awards.

I suspect that you got 500,000 points and only noticed that your million digit failed to increment. What do you think?


Nope. It just gives a worse award by 1 increment than it says it’s giving you. :expressionless:

Paging @soren to fix these although people will probably want it to not change.
That’s strange with the values being wrong. Someone forgot to tell the programmer to update them :slight_smile:

It’s pretty consistent with other bugs in the game. Mostly showing the next value instead of saving the awarded value. The classic example is getting a super during Grace period where it displays 200M but awarded 100M.


This. Definitely a very common type of bug, and often associated with the order in which effects happen. Score, advance, then display :wink: