Fish Tales captive ball award question (EB)

I have a Fish Tales, and I recently decided to focus on building up and collecting the captive ball awards.

Awards 1 (Hold Bonus), 2 (Light Video Mode), 3 (Rock the Boat), and 5 (Instant Multiball) work as expected, but 4 (Light Extra Ball) doesn’t light the extra ball standup. Does anyone know for sure that this award should work as expected when EBs are enabled?

Facts you’ll want to know:

  • Yes, EBs are enabled
  • Yes, the EB light next to Caster’s Club is working
  • Yes, you can get an EB via video mode on this machine

I’ve never read anything about this captive ball award not working, so this is all a bit confusing.


Funny thing. I was playing Fish Tales last night and was also running up the captive ball. I has the same thing happen when I got to extra ball. I thought maybe the light was out, but it was working. Interested to see if anyone knows whats up with this.

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If the two of you hadn’t just claimed otherwise, I would have said with 100% certainty that the expected functionality is for the captive ball hit to light the standup. Hit standup to collect EB.

Is it possible that it doesn’t happen in Tournament Mode?

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What about max extra balls? I would expect the target not to light up if you have achieved max extra balls.

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I’ll check that Max EBs are >1, but I’m almost sure they’re at whatever the default is. Also, both times I got this award in the past week were when it would have been my first EB of the game.

I’ll do some glass-off investigation. The machine is currently set to tournament mode.

Ours is also set to tournament mode.

Pretty sure it’s because of tournament mode. I know my Black Rose silently disables EBs if you have tournament set to YES.

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Like I said, you can still get the extra ball on this machine in video mode. I think you still might be right, however, and this could just be one of those weird programming things.

So you can get the one in Video Mode, but can you get the one from the fish finder? I’m surprised it would disable this particular one (captive ball).

Does EB ever come up in the rotation when Tournament Mode is on? I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen it, but I only tend to get 1 or maybe 2 or 3 fish finder awards per game.

Then maybe it’s not in Tournament Mode because that should change EB to BS in video mode?

It’s definitely in tournament mode.

I’m just about 100% sure you can get an EB in video mode. It hasn’t come up for me lately, but I’ve seen other players get in relatively recently.

I’ve done the same thing but just assumed my EB light was burnt out. LOL

NM my EB light is burnt out :smile:


Fish Tales!

Anything that can be attributed to software settings or machine malfunctions could as easily be attributed to the fact that Fish Tales only follows The Getaway in bug quality/quantity.

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Creature from the Black Lagoon would like to have a word with you.


Crap, that’s another one!

Fish Tales is really big on the death by 1,000 cuts - EBs won’t light, bonus won’t get awarded, captive ball/boat points don’t count…

It’s no bomb, but hoo boy does it ever make me never want to use it in a tournament.

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I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this stuff before. Does this stuff only happen in specific instances, or just inconsistently all around?

I see it used in tournaments all the time, but haven’t noticed any complaining.

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And when he’s done, NGG is waiting round back to beat him up :slight_smile: