First State March Madness 3/10/18


We have a date for the first tournament of the year for Delaware in 2018(not counting the SCS), mark your calendars for 3/10/18. More details to come but I wanted to get the date out to everyone as early as possible.
A few things to note:
*Location will be different this time. Exact location to be determined still
*Entries will probably be capped due to space reasons, although I’ll leave it up to the players. One possible location is my basement and I think 30+ people we be tight. However if the players don’t mind, I’ll increase the number of entries. My initial thoughts was capping entries at either 24 or 28 entries. Your feedback can change this though so post up if you aren’t too worried about space problems. I’ll post pics of my basement for everyone to get a rough idea.

*Format will remain the same
*Side games will probably not be available, however if available it would probably only be 1 machine involved.
*Start time. Keep it at 1pm or move it up to 12pm?

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Everything is now official. Registration is open. Details below.


We have a date for the first tournament of the year for Delaware in 2018(not counting the SCS), mark your calendars for 3/10/18! NEW LOCATION! NEW GAMES!

It’s time to kick off 2018 with the first official Delaware event being held at my house. My house is about 20-25 minutes closer than Mike’s house.

Cash payouts plus trophies will be the only awards handed out. No swag or giveaways for this one. We will be capping the entries to 36 players as my basement is not as big as @wmspin. I will be accepting pre-registration deposits again this time to secure spots. If you want to reserve your spot, please send a $10 deposit via PAYPAL FRIENDS & FAMILY to with the note “First State March Madness Deposit”.

Tournament Details:
When: 3/10/18
Where: 147 Paysan Lane Magnolia, DE 19962 (my house)
Time: 1PM Sharp Start (Games will go on at 11am for practice and end at 12:45)
Cost: $30 ($25 will go to prize fund and trophies,$5 will go to refreshments, expenses, etc.)
Format: IFPA Match Play in groups of 4. Qualifying will be from 1-4pm.
Finals: Based on 32 or more entries, Top 8 will go to “A” Finals, Next 8 will go to “B” Finals, all other players will go to “C” Finals
Scoring: 7 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 1 point for 4th
Prizes: Trophies plus cash payouts. “A” division will award cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. “B” division will awards cash and trophies for 1st and 2nd. “C” division will award cash and a trophy to first place and a trophy to second place.
Contact: djreddog (Chad Hastings) - 302-228-8988 or
IFPA Link:


**Current game lineup is Conquest 200(EM), Terminator 2, Dirty Harry, Aerosmith Premium, Space Shuttle, No Fear, Grand Lizard, WWF Royal Rumble, and Count-Down. Game lineup will change. I have other games being loaned out to me for that day, titles to be determined. If anyone coming has a pin they want to bring, let me know.


I’ll have my wife send over my deposit this evening as I don’t have a paypal. Thanks for putting this on, sounds like it should be a great time!

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Thanks Phil! So far the first 2 tournaments I directed in Delaware were well received from everyone that attended. First event had 39 and the second one had 38. Hoping we can max this one out. Great mix of players from first timers to several players ranked inside the top 200. 1st place in A division paid out $300 for the first tournament and $275 for the second one plus all the other payouts.

I don’t recognize your username, so looking forward to meeting you!


  1. Chad Hastings (deposit secured)
  2. Marianne Pangia (deposit secured)
  3. Mike Veith (deposit secured)
  4. Corey Hulse (deposit secured)
  5. Kristine Hulse (deposit secured)
  6. Jeffrey Shropshire (deposit secured)
  7. Phil Kline (deposit secured)
  8. Dennis DeLong (deposit secured)
  9. Rob Thomas
  10. Karen Huggins
  11. Joe Fox Sr (deposit secured)
  12. Joe Fox Jr (deposit secured)
  13. Pete Tsipouras (deposit secured)
  14. Koi Morris (deposit secured)
  15. Joe Oesterling (deposit secured)
  16. Rich Moon (deposit secured)
  17. Brian LeBlanc (deposit secured)
  18. Harry Jackson (deposit secured)
  19. Anthony Wotjkiak (deposit secured)
  20. Rob DeStasio (deposit secured)
  21. Tom DeStasio (deposit secured)
  22. Eric DeStasio (deposit secured)
  23. Steph Bechtold (deposit secured)
  24. Dave Sharrar (deposit secured)
  25. Ken Rossi (deposit secured)
  26. John Moran (deposit secured)
  27. Craig Genievich (deposit secured)
  28. Beck Gusler (deposit secured)
  29. Matt Gusler (deposit secured)
  30. Chris Thomas (deposit secured)
  31. Erik Ryan (depoist secured)
  32. Ryan Altemose (deposit secured)
  33. Melissa Strohl (deposit secured)
  34. Mike Germscheid (deposit secured)
  35. Matt Groh
  36. Ernie Most (paid in full)


1 spot left!

Tournament has sold out! I’m creating a waiting list in case anyone backs out between now and the tournament date. Thanks for all the interest and support everyone is giving towards Delaware pinball!

Waiting List:

  1. Ryan Riccobene
  2. Howard Dobson



looks great, looking forward to april’s tourney

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Very excited for tomorrow, well except for the 3 hour drive haha. Nice spacing between the machines as well!

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Thanks Phil! And that’s only the machines upstairs. I have 10 more in the basement, spread out as well. It’s going to be fun times tomorrow!

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Had someone back out so we now have 1 spot open if anyone is interested. Let me know ASAP.

First event for Delaware and the First State Flippers is in the books. A big thanks to all 40 people for attending today’s event. I hope everyone had a blast. As I have mentioned before, I’m still “new” to this whole tournament director thing and I’m always looking for ways to do better and to provide a better experience overall for everyone attending and supporting these tournament, so if you have input or advice please feel free to contact me directly through PM, email, or phone. I welcome any and all feedback. I run these tournaments for all of you, not for me. With that said, lets move on to the winners!!

“A” division winners.

  1. Koi Morris - $250 & a Monster Victory Trophy
  2. Joe Fox Jr - $125
  3. Mike Veith - $75
  4. Eric DeStasio - $50

“B” division winners.

  1. Rob DeStasio - $100 and a medal
  2. Joe Oesterling - $50 and a medal
  3. Ed Most
  4. Rob Thomas

“C” Division winners.

  1. Chad Hastings - $50 & a medal
  2. Cindy Myers - Medal