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2021 First State Flippers Season Update

After much consideration for the pandemic that is still ever so present, we have decided to approach the 2021 season as if we will be under COVID restrictions and guidelines for most if not the entire year. We feel it’s best to take this approach because the reality of “normal pinball” returning anytime soon isn’t realistic and we don’t want to have to make any rash decisions in the middle of the season should things start to open up again. Using this approach will allow more opportunities for players to attend our events with no strings attached and it will also allow us some wiggle room to modify things later on in the season should things start to get better.

Our first event of the season that will take place on 3/20 will just be our standard 7 rounds of qualifying match play event that we normally run. April 17th is a possible date that may become available for us, and if it does we will host an event that day that will either be a PinGolf event or a Critical Hit event and we will leave that decision up to you the players!

Our 2021 Delaware Tour Championship will officially kick off on 5/15 and end on 11/13 for a total of 6 tour events. Due to the COVID restrictions that will probably be in place for most of the year, we will limit all events to 28 players unless otherwise restricted by any new lock downs imposed by the governor. Playing in a “tour” event earns you “tour points” that allow you to qualify for the Delaware Tour Championship being held on 12/11. Tentatively, we plan to take the top 24 players to the Tour Finals, with the top 8 seeds receiving a first round bye. This could change if restrictions get imposed that either reduce our total number of events or reduce the number of people allowed to gather. Also, you must attend at least 2 “tour” events in order to qualify for the Delaware Tour Championship along with having enough points to finish in the top 24.

All regular events and all tour events for 2021 will have an entry fee of $40. The only event that might have a higher entry fee would be the Delaware Tour Championship Finals. Finally, until further notice, all events will continue to take place at the world famous Fox Hole in Middletown, DE (also known as Joe Fox’s residence) and we will continue to put up the giant tent for coverage along with heaters as necessary. All events will continue to follow COVID guidelines with social distancing being enforced and masks worn at all times while inside. All event registrations will once again be handled by Eventbrite. We will post registration information for each event about 30 days in advance of the actual event date with ticket sales going live approximately 3 weeks before the event.

With that said, all dates listed below are subject to change at our discretion. Additionally, I will be issuing refunds back to everyone who signed up for 2020’s March Madness event that never took place.

3/20 – Standard 4-player Match Play event

4/17 – TENTATIVE DATE - Will be either Pingolf or Critical Hit

5/15 – Event #1 of the Delaware Tour Championship

7/10 – Event #2 of the Delaware Tour Championship

8/7 – Event #3 of the Delaware Tour Championship

9/18 – Event #4 of the Delaware Tour Championship

10/16 – Event #5 of the Delaware Tour Championship

11/13 – Event #6 of the Delaware Tour Championship

12/11 – The Delaware Tour Championship Finals

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support the First State Flipper crew and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2021! Stay Safe and Keep Flipping!

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It’s time to dust off those keyboards and get that F5 key ready!!!

Our first event of 2021 is a little more than a month away. Here are a few changes we have made for this first event along with a few reminders. Full event details listed below.

  1. This first event is NOT part of the 2021 Delaware Tour Championship, therefore no tour points being awarded
  2. Eventbrite handles all tickets AS WELL AS the wait list
  3. This year you can now secure 3 tickets at a time
  4. Remember, for the WAIT LIST you can only register one person at a time.
  5. Tickets must be paid in full within 24 hours
  6. We are still playing under COVID restrictions
  7. Entries capped at 28 players
  8. We provide a giant tent outside along with portable heaters to battle the elements
  9. $325 plus a trophy for 1st place!!!

This will be a standard First State Flippers Match Play Event. THIS EVENT IS NOT PART OF THE 2021 DELAWARE TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP. Registration opens up on 2/21 at 8pm via Eventbrite. Eventbrite now handles all registration for First State Flipper events. Once you secure your “ticket(s)” for the event, you must pay the registration fee in full ($40) using Paypal’s Friends & Family method. You are allowed to secure up to 3 tickets at a time.
NOTE - Once the event sells out, Eventbrite will automatically control the wait list. You have to sign up on the wait list through Eventbrite. Make sure you reserve a spot on the wait list if the event sells out. When signing up for the wait list, you can only sign up ONE PERSON AT A TIME (Again, this is only for the Wait List)

WHEN: March 20th
TIME: 10AM SHARP (Round 1 will start). Practice will start at 9am.
WHERE: Joe Fox’s House 1112 E. Nutmeg Pl., Middletown, DE 19709
COST: $40 (must be paid in full and via PayPal Friends & Family ONLY. NO CASH)
REGISTRATION: Use the Eventbrite link below. Link will go live this Sunday (2/21) at 8pm.
FORMAT: 7 rounds of 4-player match play qualifying. Top 8 make “A” finals. Everyone else will go to the “B” consolation finals. Non-IFPA Sanctioned. NO WPPRS!!! NO Tour points.

PRIZES(based on 28 entries):
1st A Division - $325 plus trophy
2nd A Division - $200
3rd A Division - $100
4th A Division - $75
5th A Division - $50

1st B Division - $100

Below is the list of our guidelines that will be in place for this tournament.

  • Entry to the house will require a forehead temperature check for all players.
  • Masks will be required by everyone at all times and must not be removed while inside the house. If removed, you will be DQ’d from the event. NO WARNINGS.
  • Gloves will not be allowed.
  • Hands must be sanitized upon every entry and exit of the house.
  • No eating or drinking while inside the house as this requires you to remove your mask.
  • Limited admittance into the basement. The remaining players will be required to wait outside while maintaining social distancing. We do supply a giant tent along with several heaters. Rounds will take a little longer as we will have to wait for each group to finish and exit the basement before allowing the next group to start.
  • We encourage social distancing at all times (inside and outside)
  • We encourage ample hand washing
  • Non-Sanctioned IFPA event. We are here to have fun!
  • No WPPRS on the line!
  • NO Tour Championship points on the line.

First State Flippers & Delaware Pinball will be doing a live stream today (4/3) starting at 1pm. We will be streaming several different games from Chad & Marianne’s house and we will be having several guests playing all day and night!! We are also going to mix in some “Stall Ball” during the stream, so tune in tomorrow to Delaware Pinball on Twitch for some hot pinball action!!!

Here is a list of the guests:

Koi Morris
Joe Oesterling
Brian LeBlanc
Paul Pratzner
Connie Pratzner
Marianne Pangia
Chad Hastings
And a special mystery guest!

Twitch link: