First State Flippers Presents - Event 5 October Obliteration 10/6/18 - Results and Recap Inside


What an event! This one will go down in the record books as one to remember! Lots of first time players. Lots of players playing in their first, First State Flippers event. 4 kids in this event! And our first repeat (not back to back) winner in the short history of First State Flippers events, Steve Bowden!!! And a wedding proposal at a pinball tournament!!!

Full recap tomorrow. Quick details below.

A Division

  1. Steve Bowden - $325
  2. Rick “The Prince of Pinburgh” Prince - $175
  3. Joe Fox JR - $100
  4. Nathaniel Gibson - $75
  5. Harry Jackson - $50

B Division

  1. Chad Hastings - $150
  2. Jody Jodon - $75

C Division

  1. Erik Ryan - $75
  2. Rob DeStasio

The Proposal! She said yes!




Thanks! It’s been 5 years in the making!


Aww. Super cute and happy for you both. Cheers from Seattle!


Thanks Flash!


Thanks again for putting together such an awesome event! First State Flippers events are always top-notch and I have a blast in every one I play. It was an honor to be a part of such a special moment yesterday with the proposal! Congrats!! Can’t wait for the next event!


Thanks Harry! It was good seeing you at the top yesterday! You’ve been close several times, congrats on the 5th place finish which will definitely secure you a spot in the Delaware Tour Championship and will probably put you close to the top 16 for States!!!


August Annihilation (event #4 in the circuit) is now in the books! A big thanks goes out to all 46 people who attended yesterday’s event. Without your support these events don’t happen! I hope everyone had a blast yesterday. The tournament started on time, and ran smooth throughout the day. Congratulations to all of the winners as well!! Once again we had some new faces collecting cash at this event and we had 11 new players attending a Delaware Pinball tournament for the first time!!! We also had a memorable event take place at Event #4, Chad Hastings popped the big question to Marianne Pangia after Round 5 of qualifying, she said YES! Event #5 is on 10/6 in Magnolia, DE at Chad Hastings house and that event is sold out. Event 6 is also sold out. Lastly, IFPA results were submitted this morning.

Also, I want to make sure everyone that participates in a First State Flippers tournament is fully aware of the breakdown of the money received for the tournament. I want everything to be transparent.

As mentioned before, $4 from each entry paid is being set aside for the prize fund for the “Delaware Tour Championship” that will be held after the original 6 events are completed. The Tour Championship date is set in stone and will take place on 12/1 with the location to be determined. We collected $184 from the August Annihilation event and that now brings the total after 4 events to $680!!!

We also held another 50/50 raffle drawing during event #4. The purpose of the 50/50 raffle is to take half of the proceeds and put that aside for the winner of the Delaware State Championship Series. First State Flippers will help “sponsor” the winner of the SCS and whatever money we take in from the 50/50 will go to that person to help cover expenses, flight, lodging, etc to attend the Nationals in Las Vegas next year. We sold $160 in 50/50 tickets at Event #4 with Vic Scelba being the winner and collecting $80. After 4 events we have now raised $332 from the 50/50 raffle!

Final overall results are posted below. In addition to that I have updated the Delaware Tour Championship standings and posted those results as well. Currently Joe Fox Jr is still our #1 seed after 4 events. PLEASE REMEMBER that in order to qualify for the Delaware Tour Championship you have to attend 3 of the 6 events PLUS finish inside the top 32 after all 6 events are completed.
First State Flippers

1,Steven Bowden
2,Rick Prince
3,Joe Fox Jr
4,Nathaniel Gibson
5,Harry Jackson
6,Mike Veith
7,Brian LeBlanc
8,Howard Dobson
9,Chad Hastings
10,Jody Jodon
11,Corey Hulse
12,Chris Chow
13,David Ross
14,Matthew Richardson
15,Issa Cardona
16,Chris Thomas PA
17,Paul Pratzner
18,Bill Richardson
19,Lou Nemphos
20,Pete Tsipouras
21,Jetta Hastings
22,Ricky Hastings
23,Charlie Bucks
24,Mike Myers
25,Robert Neugebauer
26,Robert DeStasio
27,Joe Fox Sr
28,Gavin Pangia
29,Dennis DeLong
30,Jim Cardona
31,Dylan Mcgarry
32,Becky Hastings
33,Rob Thomas MD
34,Brad Ladutko
35,Marianne Pangia
36,Cindy Myers
37,Victor Scelba
38,Mike Germscheid
39,RJ Baker
40,Audrey Bonsignore
41,Jackie Himes
42,Brian Thomas
43,Erik Ryan
44,Dave Sharrar
45,Alex Batton
46,Connie Pratzner


Below is the current list of reserved spots for Event #5 October Obliteration:

  1. Chad Hastings
  2. Marianne Pangia
  3. Mike Veith
  4. Sarah Line
  5. Christian Line
  6. Rich Moon
  7. Dylan McGarry
  8. Nicole Siple
  9. Corey Hulse
  10. Brian LeBlanc
  11. Lou Nemphos
  12. Mike Germscheid
  13. Ryan Riccobene
  14. Koi Morris
  15. Chris Chow
  16. Joe Oesterling
  17. Rob Thomas
  18. Erik Ryan
  19. Jetta Hastings
  20. Dennis DeLong
  21. Victor Scelba
  22. John Hurd
  23. Ken Rossi
  24. Jeffrey Shropshire
  25. Matthew Richardson
  26. Bill Richardson
  27. Ryan Altemose
  28. Brad Ladutko
  29. Jackie Himes
  30. Brian Thomas
  31. Chris Thomas
  32. James Cardona
  33. Anthony Wotjkiak
  34. Eric DeStasio
  35. Tom Langley
  36. Paul Frie
  37. Charlie Bucks
  38. Cindy Myers
  39. Mike Myers
  40. Pete Tsipouras
  41. Paul Pratzner
  42. Connie Pratzner
  43. Rodney Comegys
  44. Audrey Bonsignore
  45. Nathaniel Gibson
  46. David Ross

NOTE - This event is at Chad Hastings’s house. Like we did for March Madness, Chad is in need of a few additional games to put upstairs. If you are able to bring a game please contact me and let me know. Thank you!


Another awesome tournament in the books (yes I am very biased). To all the pinball players in the surrounding Tri-State areas, if you haven’t played in a First State Flippers event yet, you are truly missing out on the best pinball tournaments in the Tri-State!!

A quick recap for everyone tonight with a full recap coming tomorrow afternoon. We had 46 players for this event! Everything ran right on time and the entire tournament was completed at 7:40pm. Our big 50/50 winner tonight was Rodney Comegys. See below for final standings and photos of our winners!

“A” Division Winners

  1. Nathaniel Gibson - $300 + Trophy
  2. Eric DeStasio - $150 + Medal + Rage Tilt T-Shirt
  3. Ken Rossi - $100 + Medal
  4. Mike Veith - $75 + Medal
  5. Matthew Richardson - $50

“B” Division Winners

  1. Joe Oesterling - $150 + Trophy
  2. Paul Frie = $75 + Medal + Rage Tilt T-Shirt

“C” Division Winners

  1. Tom Langley - $50 + Trophy
  2. Rich Moon - Medal + Rage Tilt T-Shirt


Here is a little video showcasing our introductions for our final 4 players in “A” division tonight. Enjoy!!!