First State Flippers Presents - Delaware Tour Championship FINALS 1/9/21

The First State Flippers crew is excited to announce that the 2020 Delaware Tour Championship is back on, just in a condensed COVID version. For all the details please read below!!!

For starters, sanctioned IFPA events will not resume in 2020, therefore we have decided to move forward with our 2020 Delaware Tour Championship, in a more condensed version due to the COVID guidelines and restrictions.

YES, we will be awarding the winner of the 2020 DE Tour Championship another 6 foot trophy!!!

YES, we will be having a prize fund of over $1200 for the DE Tour Championship with the overall winner guaranteed at least $600!!!

Here are all the details. We will be holding 3 qualifying events over the next 3 months which will give you the opportunity to earn “Tour Championship Points” based on your overall finish at the qualifying events. Each qualifier will be capped at 28 players. Each qualifier will use the Group Match Play format for qualifying, with the top 8 advancing to a modified PAPA Finals. After all 3 events are complete, the top 16 players based on total “Tour Championship Points” will receive an automatic entry into the Delaware Tour Championship finale.


Note - Follow us on Facebook, or get on our email list to receive updates regarding the registration for all events. Eventbrite now handles all registration and wait lists for First State Flippers.

Event #1 - October 17th, 10AM start time. Event registration will go live on 9/24 at 8pm. Cost will be $40 per player with $10 per person going to the DE Tour prize fund and $5 for expenses. SOLD OUT

Event #2 - November 14th, 10AM start time. Event registration will go live on 10/22 at 8pm. Cost will be $40 per player with $10 per person going to the DE Tour prize fund and $5 for expenses.

Event #3 - December 12th, 10AM start time. Event registration will go live on 11/19 at 8pm. Cost will be $40 per player with $10 per person going to the DE Tour prize fund and $5 for expenses.

Delaware Tour Championship Event - January 9th 2021. No registration as you have to qualify to get in. Cost will be $40 per player with $10 per person going to expenses. 16 people will qualify.

For the 2020 Delaware Tour Championship, we have changed up the format due to the fact we are only taking the top 16 players. We will be using the same format as the State Championship Series, which is head to head pinball using the best of 7 format.

To read up on the State Championship Series Rules please click the link below:

Tour Championship points will be awarded based on the numbers below:

1st = 100 points

2nd = 80 points

3rd = 75 points

4th = 70 points

5th = 65 points

6th = 60 points

7th = 55 points

8th = 50 points

9th = 40 points

10th = 30 points

11th = 20 points

12th = 10 points

13th through 28th = 5 points for each place

Here is a picture of our 6 foot trophy:


Wow, the trophy is Koi? Amazing!! :smile:


This Saturday, Event #1 of the COVID Delaware Tour begins. We will be live streaming Avengers Infinity Quest LE all throughout qualifying, so tune in to Delaware Pinball on Twitch starting at 10am on 10/17/20!!!

Also, friendly reminder that on 10/18 at 8pm, tickets for Event 2 will go on sale. Make sure you set your reminders!!! We are now capping events at 28 players so more opportunities to play competitive pinball in the best state with the best atmosphere and the most fun you will ever have at a pinball tournament!!!

Here is the Eventbrite URL for registration for tickets:

Full recap tomorrow morning. But here is the condensed version for tonight. Thanks again to everyone who attended!! Today felt a little different than the past 3 events, simply because there was more at stake with the Delaware Tour championship points being awarded!!! Don’t forget tomorrow night (10/18) at 8pm, tickets go live for event #2 on Eventbrite!!

“A” Division Winners:
1st - Harry Jackson - $250 + Monster trophy
2nd - Jeff Mack - $125
3rd - Vic Scelba - $65
4th - Joe Casacio - $30
5th - Joe Fox Jr - $20

“B” Division Winner:
1st - Stefano Pinti - $100

One week from today the 2020 Delaware Tour Championship Finals will take place! While the tour was cut in half this year allowing only 3 qualifying events, we still managed to generate over $1200 in prize money for the Tour Finals with First Place taking home $550!!! In addition to the $550, First Place will also take home THE BIGGEST trophy awarded for a pinball tournament on the entire East Coast!!

The top 16 players on the Tour Championship represent a stacked field and the competition should be pretty intense next week! We are working very hard at putting together a streaming rig for this event, so hopefully you can tune in live next Saturday starting at 10am!

Thanks again for everyone’s support in 2020, we truly appreciate everyone who attends a First State Flippers event. While the year was cut short due to the pandemic we still managed to safely host 6 sold events. Our tournaments are always a blast and we make sure the experience for players of all skill levels is friendly and top notch. We also give out more prize money at our monthly tournaments than any other tournament in the Mid-Atlantic, so if you haven’t played in a FSF event yet, make sure you attend one in 202!

Here is the bracket for next week along with the hardware!!!

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Quick update for everyone planning to tune in this weekend for the DE Tour Championships. One player had to drop, so we added one from the alternate list and that changed up the brackets. New bracket is posted below. Also, we were not able to get the “pro streaming rig” setup in time, however we are still going to run a stream through Facebook Live. Tune in to the First State Flippers FB page around 10am for all of the action.

Another great First State Flippers event in the books! This event had some intense match ups all day long and was so fun to be a part of. It’s a shame COVID had to cut the “DE Tour” short, because I am a favorite of our usual “Tour Finals Format”, which is the Ladder format. Regardless, we made the most of the situation and everyone playing today had a good time no matter the outcome. Enough with the fluff, as this event closes out our 2020 events we can’t wait to start up again in the coming months.

Congrats again to all the finalists today! Also a big shout out to Joe Fox Sr for hosting another awesome event at the Foxhole! Also want to give a shout out to Paul Frie for providing tech services all day, and boy do we use him all day!! And finally, one more shout out to Joe Casacio and Rodney Comegys for donating additional money to the prize fund! Thanks again!!

And now on to our winners. Our 2020 Delaware Tour Champion is Mr. Jeff Mack, from Harrisburg PA!!! Congrats Jeff!!!

Here are the final standings:

o 1st place - $600 and a massive 5 foot trophy – Jeff Mack

o 2nd place - $290 – Chad Hastings

o 3rd place - $115 – Matthew Richardson

o 4th place - $75 – Justin Bath

o 5th place - $50 – Andrew Pancoast

o 6th place - $40 – Harry Jackson

o 7th place - $30 – Vic Scelba

o 8th place - $25 – Tom Langley

o 9th place - $20 – John Hurd