First State Flippers Delaware Tour Championship 2019 ***RESULTS & RECAP***

Keep the instigating back on the other forum. He meant unique/rare. Personally i have no interest in a 24hr tournament. After 10-12 hours I’m done!

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We still have ONE SPOT open for tomorrow’s pinball tournament, November Nefarious. 47 players currently. WPPR value is at 29 points for 1st. The biggest payouts ever for a local tournament and we are paying out for A, B, and C divisions!!! Contact me ASAP to claim the final spot. First come first serve basis.

1st A Division - $400 plus trophy
2nd A Division - $200 plus medal & T-Shirt
3rd A Division - $125 plus medal
4th A Division - $100
5th A Division - $50

1st B Division - $200 plus trophy
2nd B Division - $75 plus T-Shirt

1st C Division - $100 plus trophy
2nd C Division – T-Shirt

Full event details here:

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you the 2019 Delaware Tour Champion, hailing from his grandfathers basement in Medford, NJ, and capturing his first ever victory at a First State Flippers, Matthew Richardson!!!

Our finals was a 10 player ladder bracket. Once we got down to the final 2 players, they then squared off in a best of 3 format.

In game 1, Matthew Richardson narrowly beat Eric DeStasio on Elektra(picked by Eric) 554,920 to 513,740!

In game 2, Matthew knocked off Eric on Lost World(again picked by Eric) with a score of 203,380 to 195,940!! Crazy last game!!

Matthew takes home a cool $800 and a monster 6 foot trophy. This is how we roll in Delaware!!!

Top 4:

  1. Matthew Richardson -$800
  2. Eric DeStasio - $250
  3. John Hurd - $200
  4. Chad Hastings - $100