First State Flippers BBQ & Flip Frenzy Tournament 7/27

First State Flippers will be hosting a BBQ at Chad & Marianne’s house on 7/27, and coincidentally there will also be a pinball tournament going on!! This event will be a laid back social event focusing on the BBQ cook out and fellowship, with some tournament pinball sprinkled in.

NOTE - The event will be capped at 32 entries and 6 of those entries are reserved for the First State Flippers team. That leaves 26 spots. You must submit a deposit of $20 to secure your entry spot. First come first served. Please use Friends & Family via Paypal and send to

Tournament Details:

When: 7/27/19

Where: 147 Paysan Lane, Magnolia DE, 19962 (Chad & Mariannes house)

Time: 12PM SHARP START TIME (games will go on at 10am for practice and will turn off at 11:45AM so we can start announcements). Qualifying will consist of 2 sessions. Session 1 will go from 12pm to 1:30pm, and then we will break for 15 minutes. Session 2 of qualifying will go from 1:45pm to 3:15pm(no games will start after 3:15PM). After session 2, we will then break for 2 to 2.5 hours to enjoy a nice BBQ. I will be grilling everything from hot dogs, to burgers, to chicken, to steak skewers. If you want to bring a covered side dish, please feel free. While we break for the BBQ, we will have yard games setup like Volleyball, Badminton, Corn Hole, and Pole Bash. After everyone eats and drinks, we will start Finals sometime between 5:30-6pm.

Cost: $35 ($25 will go to the prize fund & trophies. $1 to IFPA. $9 will go towards all refreshments for the BBQ).

Format: Flip Frenzy for qualifying broken out into 2 sessions. Session 1 will go from 12pm to 1:30pm, and then we will break for 15 minutes. Session 2 of qualifying will go from 1:45pm to 3:15pm(no games will start after 3:15PM). Games will be played in head to head matches with a queue system. After 3 hours of qualifying the top 8 based on “net wins” will move on to the “A” division finals(finals format TBD). “Net Wins” is determined by the number of wins minus the number of losses.
Tiebreakers will be decided by “most wins” and “fewest losses”

Finals Format: To be determined still. We will definitely have the Top 8 moving on to the “A” finals, but still deciding on something fun for multiple division finals.

Format Rules:

  1. Players may not concede the game prior to the start of ball 3
  2. In the event that a registered player is late at the start of a match, that player will be moved to the end of the queue and will also receive a loss for that match.

FYI - Registration opened up last night (6/9) and we only have 9 spots left.

I’ve found that most players like the finals to be frenzy as well. But your mileage may vary as always. I got complaints when we all of a sudden switched from frenzy to Matchplay or whatever.

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This will be the second Flip Frenzy for me. The first one we did the top 8 PAPA style. I’m not sold on doing that again and did read about other tournaments doing the Frenzy for finals. This is how I’m leaning.

Couple of quick questions for you. When finals start does everyone’s point total reset or do you allow it to carry over from qualifying? Also, what did the finals consist of, 60 minutes of Frenzy and that’s it?

Mine were small local events. Approximately 20-25 people each time.

Start from scratch with the finalists.

I’ve done 1 hour for finals. Might want to push it to 1.5 hours for a bigger event. Not sure.

My biggest beef is that it seems that with one hour, if you start in the queue, you might not get to play as much as the people that didn’t start in queue. But that just could’ve been pace of play and other factors. Not really sure.

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How did you select the queue? Random? Is there an option to have like the top 6 start on a machine, and then the lower seeds go to the queue?

That’s what I would like to happen. Have all 6-8 start on games. First two player twos that finish go to the queue.

I believe Matchplay is random on who starts in the queue and who’s starts playing.

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