First State December Duel 12/16/17


UPDATE! The Delaware State Championship Series officially has a host facility. On January 20th 2018, Delaware will crown its first ever Delaware State Champion at Wilmington Amusements in Wilmington, DE. Tournament will start at 1pm. $10 coin drop fee, plus $20 entry fee for the actual tournament. After the First State Duel, the Top 16 people will qualify for the State Championships. If for example 3 people in the top 16 can’t make it or choose not to go, that would open up additional spaces for places 17 through 19. Bottom line is we can 16 total people to State’s, regardless of rank. Any questions please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks!


ATTENTION PINBALLERS - We are OUT of spots for the December Duel. If you know people on the fence, please let them know I will be reserving 4 additional spaces for alternates, should anyone else on the list drop out.

42 spots now reserved:
Casey Cuene
Chad Hastings
Marianne Pangia
Mike Veith
Rich Moon
Joe Fox Sr
Joe Fox Jr
Charlie Bucks
Matt King
Christina “Tuna” Queen
Pete Tsipouras
Corey Hulse
Mike Myers
Larry Strange
James Cardona
Brian LeBlanc
Jackie Himes
Brad Ladutko
Ricky Hastings
Becky Hastings
Mike Germscheid
Matt Groh
Eric DeStasio
Tom DeStasio
Rob DeStasio
Joseph McGinnis
Shawna Fuss
Anthony Wojtkowiak
Dylan McGarry
Joe Czajkowski
Kristine Hulse
Rob Thomas
Karen Huggins
Frank Lane
Howard Dobson
John Moran
Matthew Gusler
Beck Gusler
Chris Thomas
Jeff Shropshire
Melissa Strohl
Dennis Vallone

Reserve your spot today and have a chance to make history by being crowned the first ever Delaware State Pinball Champion!!!


6 days a way folks! Currently have 43 players signed up. For those returning, we are pretty much going to run everything the same way.

We will have limited beverages available, just like last time so please make sure you BYOB. The big thing here is that we will NOT have 3 cases of donated beer to go around.

We will have the cream cheese dips and the queso dips again along with pretzels, popcorn, cupcakes, and cookies.

We will be looking to start promptly at 1pm, that means practice will end at 1pm and we will make about 5 minutes worth of announcements with the tournament beginning immediately after.

We will break for about 45 minutes after qualifying to allow time for people to slip down to Grotto Pizza or Royal Farms for some famous fried chicken. Also at 4pm we will place an order for pizzas using leftover expense money from the entry fee. Last time we had enough money to order 10 pizzas.

In addition to the main tournament we will also have the 3 side tournaments running which are hidden flipper, highest score on Full Throttle, and highest Token score on Safecracker. Each of these games will cost $1 per attempt, with unlimited attempts allowed.

In addition to the side tournaments, we have come up with a few bonus challenges that will award a mystery amount of money to the winners. The mystery amount will range from $1 to $10. The only way to win these bonus challenges is by playing games during the actual tournament. These are not side pots, or play at your leisure challenges. More details will be explained at the tournament.

We have a few changes to the game lineup with the current list below. Conquest will probably not be back. Stern Stars blew a rectifier board yesterday and burned up a coil so it may not be fixed in time. Possible games that could be added before Saturday are Torch and Count Down.

Current game lineup is X-Men, Earthshaker, Comet, Full Throttle, ToTAN, Metallica, Indy 500, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Jokerz, Road Show, Fish Tales, Cirqus Voltaire, World Poker Tour, No Good Gofers, Phantom of the Opera, Mousin Around, Iron Man, Taxi & Dr. Who

Lastly, try and carpool as much as possible. The less cars we have in the yard the better. Thanks!

See everyone on Saturday!


On the way! Are LED headlamps permitted?


No headlamps today. I’ll consider it for the next tournament.


The First State December Duel is in the books! Another great event for the state of Delaware.

Thanks again to all of the participants, without you the event is not a success!

We had 38 people show up to play today. We lost several confirmed people due to the inclement weather that his the region late Friday. Again, thank you to each and every one of you who made the trip down to southern Delaware to participate in our tournament. Congratulations to all the winners!

A Division Winners:

1st Place - Mike Veith. He took home $250 plus a nice solid gold flipper along with an awesome T-Shirt donated by one of the hottest new pinball companies in the region, Rage Tilt!!!

2nd Place - Pete Tsipouras. He took home $140 plus a nice solid silver flipper!

3rd Place - Chad Hastings. He took home $70 plus a nice solid bronze flipper!

4th Place - Matt King. He took home $50

B Division Winners:

1st Place - Rob Destasio. He took home $130 and a nice trophy.

2nd Place - Brian LeBlanc. He took home $75 plus a nice medal.


C Division Winners:

1st Place - John Moran. He took home $50 plus a nice medal.

2nd Place - Anthony Wojtkowiak. He took home $20 and a nice medal.



We had 3 side pot tournaments. All $1 entries.

High Score on Tales of the Arabian Nights

Hidden Flipper high score on Taxi

Token Multiball on Safecracker

Mr Francesco LaRocca won ALL THREE side pots for a total of $30+ dollars.g Congrats!


Tournament results have been submitted to IFPA. Standings should be updated by the end of the week and once that happens I will start contacting everyone who qualified for the Delaware State Championship. In the meantime, I went ahead and guesstimated the points for this event and combined the 2 event totals to get a “preliminary” standings for the State Championship. PLEAtSE PLEASE PLEASE don’t read this and get your hopes up as this is just my guesstimation, although it should be fairly close unless I royally screwed up the points.

Mike Veith 17.37
Chad Hastings 17.05
Steve Bowden 16.7
Pete Tsipouras 11.56
Matt Groh 7.07
Rob DeStasio 6.64
Matt King 5.56
Tom DeStasio 4.5
Greg Poverelli 3.82
Rob Thomas 3.5
Matt Gusler 3.25
Joe Fox Jr 2.84
Beck Gusler 2.56
Charlie Bucks 2.36
Corey Hulse 2.35
Eric DeStasio 2.25
Brian LeBlanc 2.18
Howard Dobson 1.86
Marianne Pangia 1.52
Joe Fox Sr 1.51
Ricky Hastings 1.50
Chris Thomas 1.37
Christina Queen 1.34
Sean Nagowski 1.27
Joe McGinnis 1.25
Jeffrey Shropshire 1.13
Becky Hastings 1.12



IFPA requires that we have your email address on file to be eligible to compete in the IFPA World Championship and the various IFPA Championship Series that are hosted.

We just made a public announcement on our site reminding players to get their account REGISTERED if they want to compete in the SCS. It’s the duty of those players to submit a profile update to make themselves eligible.

There are numerous people on the list who do not have a registered email address with IFPA, which is required in order to go to the SCS or Nationals. Please visit IFPA’s site ASAP to register your email. Thank you.


An email (transcript below) was just sent out to all 54 players who played in 1 of the 2 tournaments hosted in Delaware this year. If you did not receive an email, that is because you are not officially registered with IFPA. As mentioned in the previous post, you have to be registered with a valid email address in order to play in the State Championships. Additionally you cannot just show up on 1/20 and expect to play without registering your account. If you do just show up, and your account is NOT registered with IFPA, you will not be playing, instead your spot will be given to the next player in line that has a registered account. Please update your accounts ASAP and notify me once you have done so. This will be the last effort to contact people who are not registered. Below is the list of people who do not have registered IFPA accounts.

#3 - Mike Veith
#5 - Matt Groh
#7 - Matt King
#8 - Tom DeStasio
#17 - Brian LeBlanc
#21 - Christina Queen
#24 - Sean Nagowski
#26 - Joe McGinnis
#28 - Rich Moon
#31 - Cindy Myers
#32 - Dennis Vallone
#37 - Sam Cardona
#40 - Jim Cardona
#43 - Joe Czajkowski
#44 - Anthony Wojtkowiak
#45 - Jason Hansen
#46 - J Phil Marozzi
#47 - Shawna Fuss
#48 - Issa Cardona
#49 - Frank Lane
#51 - Matt McMahon
#52 - Todd Severn
#53 - Mike Myers


We are contacting you regarding the 2017-18 IFPA Delaware State Pinball Championship, to be held Saturday, January 20th at Wilmington Amusements in Wilmington, DE. The official process involves emailing the top 100 people qualified in the state, which is the purpose of this email.

Tournament will start at 1pm.

For more details on the tournament please read up here:

Important information I need from you is whether you can or cannot attend. If you cannot attend or are not interested please respond immediately as the IFPA needs to move down the rankings list as quickly as possible to fill these 16 spots. If no response is received before the deadline you will automatically be skipped and the next available person who can attend will inherit your spot.

Registration is open until January 7th, 8pm CST, at which time if a response has not been received by the IFPA, we will remove you from the eligible players list and fill the field with those players ranked below you that have accepted the invitation.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Chad Hastings
IFPA Delaware State Representative