First Annual #Hobowen Classic - 4/18 in Portland

Come celebrate the opening of the Pinball Outreach Project HQ with the First Annual POP Hobowen Classic! The tournament will take place at noon on April 18, the day before Portland Pinbrawl at the brand new POP Headquarters. The Hobowen Classic is a three strike knockout tournament capped at 34 entries. The entry fee is a $25 donation and players can register in advance through Paypal to You will not be registered until your entry fee is received. Advance entries can be transferred but not refunded. The current list of registrants can be found at

The winner will receive a trophy and a translite, and there will be prizes for second and third. IFPA ranking points will be awarded, there should be around 20 points awarded to the winner. The current lineup is as follows, although more games may be added.

Royal Flush
Big Game
World Cup Soccer

The tournament will be followed by the Grand Opening Party for POP HQ at 6:00 pm!

POP HQ is a new location dedicated to expanding POP’s efforts in outreach for kids. The HQ is located at 4605 NE Fremont, Suite 104, Portland, OR, 97213. For more information please read the press release at

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I’m actively trying to convince my girlfriend to come out to this with me for my birthday.


It’s a great weekend for pinball. There is another tournament right after the Hobowen Classic, and the next day is Portland Pinbrawl! Pinbrawl is sold out but you can get on the waiting list.

@Slamtilt you really should come out. Spring is a beautiful time here in Portland and there is so much to do. Let us know if we can help in any way with travel suggestions.

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@nicoleanne @heyrocker you guys are the best.

Oh what tournament is after the Hobowen Classic? Is there a sign up somewhere? Im signed up for POP and Pinbrawl so far :slight_smile:

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@ntstell is having one after. He can link up his Facebook event.

Im hosting an evening BBQ and pin tourney at my place. Here is the facebook page. Please post pictures of tood you will cook. I may be going to buy a Shaq Attack today, which I know is a terrible decision, but you may get to play it at the tourney.

I hear there’s a pretty sweet green picnic table to put all the food on at @ntstell house.

Also, we are half sold out of the 34 spots for #hobowen classic. Sign up sign up!

This content is currently unavailable. Maybe its the Shaq Attack?

@ntstell I thought you said no bad atti-toods.

I am unsure. Link works for me.

Should work now.

Oh boy I’m excited

Sadly, I will be missing this. Damn this human body and the need for sleep!