F2k play as one player?

I have been told F2K awards significant points on locking balls. I am not that familiar with the game, is this the case. Is this was is controlled by MPU switch 24?

Should I have people play 1p for pin-golf?

Locking balls on mine is nothing significant and you can only get two locks per game. Not sure why playing this one player will change that. The game doesn’t release the locks after each game and it remembers how many locks each player has. So no lock stealing.

I don’t know the lock scoring values.
And can’t speak to pin-golf on the pin… but if traditional match play, Pinburgh had no issues with using it as a 4-player game last year.

You will get extra points out of the ball walker if you shoot to cycle the ball through (i.e. p1 gets 2 balls locked, p2 earns their locks, but because the ball is walking through the maze, you get 10k per kickout in the maze. Consequently if you have balls in the lock at game over, the next player up would get those potential points as well.

Unless I’m misremembering it and you only get those 10k points during multiball.

No you’re right. And that’s one of the reasons why when I power mine up, I play one game and get two balls in the lock before any competitive games are played on it.

I don’t see those as significant points, but my machine plays better with balls in the locks at all times. It has the tendency of getting confused and kicks out two balls of the trough if not.

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