"Exhibition" Pinball Event - What do you think?


At PAPA Circuit Finals , assuming these 4 fine folks would be there…

Zach Sharpe & Keith Elwin (Gen X)
Escher Lefkoff & Aleksander Kaczmarczyk (Gen Z)

Best of seven or best of nine…


… how old do you think @sk8ball is?



I think it would be neat to have a battle between two of the best younger players and two of the best more mature players. What do you think?


I’d love to see those matchups for sure! Charity?


Team scores on Sega machines.


Let’s do it at a bar! I bet those two don’t even show up :wink:


My money’s on the kids - they’ve got the #1 Sega player in the world. :wink:

Also, where’s the 20-somethings? The over 50s? This should be a round robin tournament.


Battle of the Decades: under 20; 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+


This. Add in a couple of boomers, maybe Stetta and Conant, and allow death saves and bang backs. Then you’d really have something. Anything goes battle of the generations. I would watch that.