Event Art and T-Shirts

Every spring for 9 years Portland hosts a humble 128 player DE bracket. Our host Ground Kontrol commissions and prints t-shirts and they are always rad.

I’m particularly proud of this year’s White Water/Paragon mashup by Vo Minh McBurney and Lee Zeman, and it’s up for preorder this week! :smiley: .

I’m pretty sure half of my wardrobe is in pinball related. I thought this would be a cool place to share our favorite event art from competitive pinball history.


I love the Pinburgh 2013 art. It’s probably the only tournament shirt I actually wear, honestly. Louisville Arcade Expo had an awesome one this year that was gone by the time I remembered to go and buy one.

I like this thread idea and I’d love to see some artwork from other tournaments!


I would kill for a David Macaulay-style cross section of a whole pinball machine filled with gnomes. That would be the ultimate, right?!

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Missed the preorder :frowning:
Looks cool

Very cool! I love pinball shirts but I have yet to pick any up. They never have any in my size haha

Detail from a 2014 pinburgh poster by Jon Chad.


We still have a couple XXL, XL and S shirts at the bar. Contact Dylan at pinbrawl@groundkontrol.com and they might be able to reserve you one.

I’m sure I’ve hyped mine up enough :wink: but here it is…

Both shirt and BL poster available at http://www.pinvasion.com/shop


Our Pinball Asylum 4th Annual Point Monsters shirt (and poster) featured art by rock gig poster god Dave Berns with a few well-know pinball characters as well as our “Asylum Monster.” Can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year!


My favorite poster (and shirt) was from the first PPE, which I didn’t attend. Normally I won’t buy a shirt or poster unless I attend the event, but I made a huge exception for these.

The art was done by Dan Fontes, who is an artist that is on the PPE board and a hell of a nice guy. Occasionally hosts tournaments at his home. He told me that he had very specific instructions given for the poster. To me, it looks like a cross between a 60/70’s concert poster from the bay area and what the posters for the San Francisco Exposition (Worlds Fair) held on nearby Treasure Island in 1939 might look like. I have a poster framed and it’s on the wall in my living room. Pic below doesn’t really do it justice, but you get the idea.


Oh this is fantastic! And totally unlike most pinball merch art I’ve seen. Love it.

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Its like Stanley Mouse got in a car wreck with Photoshop :slight_smile: <3

My new pickup this past weekend. Original ink by B Holderman. :slight_smile:


Fun fact 1: You can see a replica of that wonderful statue (Star Maiden, by Alexander Stirling Calder) in downtown San Francisco. It’s in the atrium of (I think) Citibank, on Sansome St. & Sutter St.

Fun fact 2: The statue was made for the 1906 Panama Pacific International Expo.

Fun fact 3: The PPE in 2011 was how I got into competitive pinball. Johnny O (whom I would consider the Godfather of competitive pinball in the Bay Area) hosted a novice tournament. I played, and I was hooked!