European Pinball Championship 2018, 7.-9.9.2018, Tampere, Finland


It’s alive! European Pinball Championship 2018 - EPC 2018!

The tournament will be played at Tampere, Finland on 7th to 9th of September. There are Main, Classics, National team, Ladies, Juniors and 1-Ball Game tournaments during the weekend. EPC is open for all nationalities. The tournament is organised by Finnish Pinball Players association.

The registration opens at Tuesday 8th of May, 6PM GMT (9PM Finland).

You can find more information from the website

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, or here :slight_smile:

Now it’s great opportunity to visit European pinball tournament and beautiful Finland :slight_smile: Looking forward to see you at EPC 2018!

Kind regards,
The Tournament Team


So all the pins players are assigned are done so randomly— both the qualifying 6 pins for each player, and finals matches as well?


Hi @Snailman thanks for the good question.

In qualifications machines will be assigned randomly to the player.

The machines in playoffs will be randomly drawn from the available ones in the tournament bank.


Can we call it Finns With Pins? Good luck Marco, I think you’ll put on a fantastic tournament!


Thanks Per :slight_smile: Registration started today and everything looks great. More players are welcome, you can register at