Early Williams "JUNGLE" pinball problems(

Ok, so my game works great except for it blows 1 fuse, its located to the lower right of the cabinet under the right flipper control , its marked "LOW LINE 50V 10A .And the smaller of the 2 bells the coil gets hot and will not ding the bell while playing, so I just unplugged that coil. ( Any help or schematics will be appreciated.
Thank you, Glenn

Make sure the normal line does not have a fuse in it as well. The position of the fuse determines the voltage on those old williams. If you put a fuse in both sockets one will blow right away usually the low line.

Ok…I thought the fuse was missing, so I installed that one. So which one should have a fuse…low line or normal line?

install normal unless your game feels really sluggish

Great …thank you for all the info :smile: